HST 499 Weapons of Mass Destruction

Supplemental Readings



Making of the Atomic Bomb:

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Use of the Atomic Bomb:

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German Atomic Bomb:

Mark Walker, Nazi Science: Myth, Truth, and the German Atomic Bomb (1995).  Link+ Q127.G3 W35 1995 

Michael Frayn, Copenhagen (2002); Link+

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Myth about the Japanese Atomic Bomb:

Walter Grunden, Secret Weapons and World War II: Japan in the Shadow of Big Science (2005); UF505.J3 G78 2005; 3rd floor.

Soviet Atomic Bomb and H-Bomb:

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Cuban Missile Crisis:

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Chinese Atomic Bomb:

John Wilson Lewis and Xue Litai, China Builds the Bomb (1988).  Link+

Evan Feigenbaum, China¡¯s Techno-Warriors: National Security and Strategic Competition from the Nuclear and the Information Age (2003).  Link+

Debates over Biological Warfare during the Korean War and Cold War:

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The Bomb and American Popular Culture:

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Star Wars:

Frances Fitzgerald, Way Out There in the Blue: Reagan, Star Wars and the End of the Cold War (2000); E876 .F58 2000; 5th floor.

Indian Atomic Bomb:

George Perkovich, India's Nuclear Bomb: The Impact on Global Proliferation (1999). Books/3rd floor; UA840 .P47 1999