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National States and International Science: A Comparative History of International Science Congresses in Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, and Cold War United States

Ronald E. Doel, Dieter Hoffmann, Nikolai Krementsov

Osiris, 2nd Series, Vol. 20, Politics and Science in Wartime: Comparative International Perspectives on the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (2005), pp. 49-76

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Richard P. Suttmeier, Cong Cao, and Denis Fred Simon, “China’s Innovation Challenge and the Remaking of the

Chinese Academy of Sciences,” Innovations 1, no. 3 (Summer 2006): 78-97.


Revisiting Tsien,” Caltech News 36, no. 1 (2002).  Frank Marble interview with Heidi Aspaturian on Hsue-Shen Tsien (Qian Xuesen).


Bradley Perrett, “Qian Xuesen Laid Foundation for Space Rise in China,” Aviation Week and Space Technology, January 6, 2008.


Toward a Transnational History of Technology: Meanings, Promises, Pitfalls

Erik van der Vleuten

Technology and Culture, Volume 49, Number 4, October 2008, pp. 974-994 (Article)

DOI: 10.1353/tech.0.0144 Full AccessHTML Version | Full AccessPDF Version (338k) | Summary


Crossroads of Cultures: The Transnational Turn in American Studies--Presidential Address to the American Studies Association, November 12, 2004

Fishkin, Shelley Fisher.

American Quarterly, Volume 57, Number 1, March 2005, pp. 17-57 (Article)

DOI: 10.1353/aq.2005.0004 Full AccessHTML Version | Full AccessPDF Version (302k) | Summary


Guest Editor's Introduction: What is Transnational Asian American History?: Recent Trends and Challenges

Lee, Erika.
Shibusawa, Naoko.

Journal of Asian American Studies, Volume 8, Number 3, October 2005, pp. vii-xvii (Article)

DOI: 10.1353/jaas.2005.0050 Full AccessHTML Version | Full AccessPDF Version (77k) | Summary


Diverse and Transnational: Chinese (PRC) Immigrants in the United States

Yin, Xia-Huang.

Journal of Chinese Overseas, Volume 3, Number 1, May 2007, pp. 122-145 (Article)

DOI: 10.1353/jco.2007.0037 Full AccessPDF Version (238k) | Summary


Transnationalism: A Category of Analysis

Laura Briggs
Gladys McCormick
J. T. Way

American Quarterly, Volume 60, Number 3, September 2008, pp. 625-648 (Article)

DOI: 10.1353/aq.0.0038 Full AccessHTML Version | Full AccessPDF Version (171k) | Summary


Gabrielle M. Spiegel, “The Task of the Historian,” American Historical Review 114, no. 1 (February 2009): 1-15.


王丽娜, 改革开放初期中国科学院办院方针’之争”《科学文化评论》,201012月,第7卷第6期,第5-22页。


Anthony Grafton, “History under Attack,” Perspectives on History 49, no. 1 (January 2011): 5-7.