Research, scholarly and creative activity (RSCA) by faculty and students is crucial to our Teacher-Scholar Model. Research involves the acquisition of new knowledge and “learn by doing” means, in part, that students at Cal Poly Pomona must learn the techniques and the process of the creative and scholarly journey.


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Doing Research at Cal Poly Pomona

Various facilities across the campus provide research support. As one example, the University Library holds 2.4 million books, 3000 periodicals and 2,800 online journals.

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Research Administration

The Office of Research facilitates applications for external contracts and grants, research compliance, and the Technology Transfer/Industry Clinic.

John T. Lyles Center for Regenerative Studies Building

Centers & Institutes

Various Centers and Institutes support our mission with partnerships between faculty, students, staff and the community.

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Teacher Scholar

Teacher-Scholars at Cal Poly Pomona are role models who actively promote life-long learning and are engaged in the synergy between teaching and research.

Resources & Opportunities

Resources & Opportunities

Other resources involve faculty development, post award services, and faculty and student engagement with the community.