ACE Women's Network - Southern California

About the Network

The ACE Women's Network--Southern California is part of a national group of networks that carry on the work of the ACE Inclusive Excellence Group and the ACE Women’s Network Executive Council.

For more than 25 years, the ACE Women's Network has provided information and counsel to constituencies within the higher education community regarding policies, issues, education, and research that influence women's equity, diversity and advancement. ACE Women's Network, whose mission is to advance women's leadership on campuses across the nation:

  • IDENTIFIES emerging and successful women leaders.
  • DEVELOPS their leadership abilities through state and national programming.
  • ENCOURAGES the use of those abilities.
  • ADVANCES them through nomination to appropriate positions.
  • LINKS them to one another and to mentors.
  • SUPPORTS the tenure of mid- and senior-level women administrators and presidents throughout their career cycles.