AM² Clothing Line

Pattern Layout

Student laying out patterns for cutting. See the PolyCentric article on the 2016 Urban Scholar line.

AM2 is the brand name of a product line developed by the Apparel Production students for sale on the Cal Poly Pomona campus and to AMM alumni.  The development, marketing and production of the line forms part of the capstone experience for Apparel Production seniors.

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AM2 was established in 2001.  Students develop a range of casual sportswear for sale through retail outlets on campus and on the Internet for the benefit of alumni.  The line starts with market research and forecasting, and advances through product development, technical design, costing, marketing, production scheduling, manufacturing, and shipping.  Local manufacturers sew the garments under contract.  Here, AMM students work beside company staff in pre-production and production - getting hands on experience as they see their creations become reality.  The AM2 line is pre-marketed as a wholesale product line to Cal Poly’s Bronco Bookstore and to our own Apparelscapes retail micro business operated by the Fashion Retail students.

Real world experience for the students involve developing displays of AM2 product for various campus venues of the Library, the Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Showcase, and the Makers Fair.   Additional experience at marketing through social media, on-campus avenues and community outreach creates successful sales for the AM2 line.

Many companies contribute a variety of supplies, services and assistance in helping the students complete their product line. See our list of recent donors.

A Student’s Perspective on AM2

by Ruby Plasencia (class of 2007)

“Imagine being able to create your own clothing line and having it sold at your school… Well you can!  In the Apparel Merchandising and Management Department you have the opportunity of getting the greatest experience of a lifetime.

In the Apparel Product Development Simulation class we were able to get hands on experience in the industry.  We were very fortunate to work with such great and well known apparel companies. 

As a class we worked together to create AM2, a sportswear clothing line from the design process through the pre-production process.  We started with the planning and developing of designs to meet our consumer needs.  We used CAD technology in the development of pattern blocks, first patterns and pattern verifications.  Once we selected the fabric and developed the pattern, we were ready to sew our first prototypes.

We met with the head people in charge of production as well as the owner at the apparel company and presented our AM2 line for approval and feedback.  We actually did pretty well, with the exception of a few minor changes. 

With our designs approved we went forward with the development.  We worked closely with the production patternmakers at the company to make sure that our patterns met their standards.  They walked us through each of our patterns and made recommendations to adjust our patterns so that we could get the best possible fit.

Once our patterns were ready we went to the cutting department, where they cut out our patterns with the fabric that we selected.  Now we were ready to put our first patterns to the test.  The sample sewing team had to sew up our patterns using only the specifications provided on the pattern card.  If it was done correctly then they would have no problem sewing our samples.

We were able to put our production patternmaking skills to practice, as well as learning the principles of pattern grading and marker making.  We became familiar with creating cost sheets and specification sheets.  In turn, we were able to use these abilities to determine the quality and cost of the apparel product line.

In my opinion the best part of this experience was not only creating your very own clothing line, but also being able to work closely with the patternmakers and the sample makers.  I feel that I learned so much from the patternmakers that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned in class alone.

This class had an immense impact on my education.  It is one thing to learn concepts and develop skills in class, but it’s how well they will help you when you apply them to the real world that makes all the difference.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to experience this as a student rather than a graduate because it seemed that everyone was really eager to help you and teach you and they were a lot more sympathetic towards you because you are a student. 

An excellent advantage of taking this class is not the experience and knowledge that you walk away with, but what you can put on your resume.  You have the opportunity to say that you created a clothing line from the design process through to pre-production before you graduated.  That is so awesome!  How many people can say that? ”