ApparelScapes Retail Store

Grey shirt being displayed

2 jackets hanging

ApparelScapes is AMM’s retail microbusiness established in 2001.  The business retails AM2 and BLDG45 branded clothing through its own retail venues on the campus, and wholesales customized collegiate clothing ranges for organizations within the university. The product range embraces collegiate and sports apparel, fashion apparel and fashion accessories.

AMM Fashion Retail seniors are responsible for managing all aspects of the ApparelScapes business as part of their capstone experience.  

Over the years ApparelScapes has developed to include:

  • Five distinct retail store operations (the BLDG45 and Off the Farm boutiques, a retail concession in the Farm Store, BLDG45 Online, and Pop-up Stores).  These develop and market merchandise lines for their respective target markets, and manage their store operations.
  • The ApparelScapes Wholesale business markets custom designed and bought-in product ranges to the Bronco Bookstore, and to colleges, clubs and societies on the campus.
  • ApparelScapes Sourcing, the buying arm of the business, identifies and works with manufacturers and suppliers to have merchandise delivered.
  • The ApparelScapes Distribution Center is the business arm that receives, processes, stores and ships merchandise to the various wholesale and retail operations.

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ApparelScapes provides AMM students with a hands-on management experience and an opportunity to apply what they have learned within the program in a variety of retail business settings.  Activities include: market segmentation and trend analysis, sales forecasting, product line planning, supplier selection and negotiation, supply chain management, product coding and inventory management, store design and visual merchandising, store management, selling and promotion, and business analysis and reporting.

This makes ApparelScapes a unique aspect of the AMM Fashion Retail program. Visit the BLDG45 Online store on Facebook.  Follow @Apparel_scapes on Instagram , Facebook, and Twitter.

Many companies contribute a variety of supplies, services and assistance in helping the students operate their stores. See our list of recent donors.