The AMM faculty members are all active in research within their respective disciplines and their work has been recognized internationally with awards for excellence. 

Faculty research interests embrace consumer, business, management, educational and technological issues relating to apparel production, distribution, consumption and education.  Specific areas of study include: market characteristics; consumer behavior; the product development process; the technical design of garments; mass customization technologies and supply chain management; e-commerce and m-commerce; industry development dynamics; curricular design and school-to-career transitions.

A key objective of the faculty has been to bring the practice of research into our undergraduate program as a means to introduce students to the procedures, discipline and rewards of the discovery process.  We believe this not only enhances intellectual development but enriches the educational environment leading to advanced student learning outcomes.

All students complete a senior level research project. Typically this involves selecting a topic, conducting a review of published resources, identifying the specific research problem/ issue to be addressed, framing an approach to gather and analyze information, presenting results, discussing the findings and managing the whole process.  Typically, students present both a formal written report and make an oral presentation with the aid of PowerPoint to an audience of faculty and peers.

Student Projects

Read this Cal Poly article about an AMM student's investigation of materials for ballet pointe shoes. This research was published in the Nov./Dec. 2015 American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (AATCC) Journal of Research.  Enjoy reading the published article.

View recent areas of research investigation by students.

View our 2018 Research Conference participants.

View our 2015 Research Poster Competition participants.

Within the AMM curriculum many courses contain research based term projects:

  • Senior Project I & II (AMM 461/ 462) – required of Apparel Production majors
  • Market Research and Reporting (AMM 443A) – required of Fashion Retail majors
  • Independent Study classes (AMM 200 and AMM 400) which are elective
  • Term projects that form part of the assessment within other courses

AMM students also participate in extra curricular research activities.  For example, some have participated in the Robert E. McNair Scholars program, in which they are tutored in research methods by various faculty members around the Cal Poly campus and develop a research paper under the guidance of an AMM faculty mentor which is presented to a statewide conference at the conclusion of the program.

AMM undergraduates have also co-authored research papers presented at venues such as the International Textile and Apparel Association annual conference, and the Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research.

Previous sponsors of research have been generous in creating unique learning opportunities for AMM students.  See our list of recent donors.