Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Advising for AMM Students

ADVISING for Potential Applicants, Incoming and Continuing Students

Advising for Applicant Freshmen and Transfer Students

If you are applying to the AMM program and you have a question or need academic advising then contact:

Dr Peter Kilduff, Interim Associate Dean

Tel: (909) 869-2203


Office: 2-203


Advising for All AMM Newly Admitted and Continuing Students

The AMM Department expects students to actively work with their assigned advisors during their college career.  Mandatory advising appointments are at times specified by the AMM Department.

Additional advising resources are available at the University level.


Advising for All Freshmen and Sophomores


Contact Dr Muditha Senanayake, Interim Department Chair

Tel: 909-869-4227


Room: 45-253


Advising for All New Transfer Students and Continuing Juniors and Seniors

Students are assigned an academic advisor in the AMM Department with AMM faculty for their upper division coursework.  The AMM Blackboard Organization site has a complete listing of the assignment of advisors on the Blackboard web site.