Academic programs offered by the Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture include eight bachelor of science programs, two master of science programs, fourteen minors, two credential programs and one internship program. See each major home page or our catalog for more details.

College Wide Course Requirements

Did you know all incoming freshmen are required to take AG 100, a Freshmen Orientation course, their first quarter?

AG 100 Orientation to the College of Agriculture

All students majoring in academic programs offered by the College of Agriculture must be acquainted with program opportunities, required academic skills and proficiencies, and knowledge of academic support entities which are necessary for a successful college career. All new students entering the College of Agriculture must demonstrate these abilities by either completing AG 100 or by having completed 36 quarter units, prior to admission, of college level course work from an accredited college or university. New students entering the College of Agriculture with less than 36 units completed must enroll in AG 100 within three quarters of college residency. Entering freshmen should take AG 100 their first quarter. This course is part of the First Year Experience in the College of Agriculture.

AG 101 and AG 401

All College of Ag majors are also required to take AG 101 and AG 401. These courses fulfill General Education requirements as well as degree requirements. AG 101 is usually taken during the freshmen year and AG 401 is usually taken during the senior year.