Create new and better foods.

Apply chemistry, physics, engineering and processing technology to develop healthy foods that taste good, process better, ship well, and last longer. Food science and technology is a license to get creative. Or be analytical. Or get on a pre-professional track: pre-med, pre-dental, pre-pharm, pre-vet. Food scientists are in high demand - with a bachelor's degree, you can start at around $48,000 a year and, with experience, make more than $100,000.

students enjoying a winter trip

Find new food sources for fair trade.

Analyze a new food source like a tuber or berry, to commercialize and create new income for farmers in South America or Africa.

Cool science can be warm

We're scientists here, but we're friendly. Warm. Down-to-earth. Very different from the atmosphere at your typical science-focused college.

Intercept harmful agents

Learn to analyze food for carcinogens and contamination to protect humans and animals.

person rolling up cookie doh and placing it on a baking sheet

Invent Healthier Snacks

Learn by doing: create a nutritious packaged product with all the properties that make it marketable from taste to shelf life to ingredient economics.

Get biotechnical

Biotech is big business in California. Learn the skills that can take you into this growth area.