Giving Opportunities

There are many ways to be a donor

Core Program Support

Unrestricted annual and one-time gifts to support the degree program or center that matters most to you will help to ensure the college has the flexibility to quickly respond to new or unexpected educational opportunities. Your contributions will help advance student research and learning activities, promote faculty excellence and enhance program curriculums. Unrestricted funds are critical to the success of our learn by doing mission.

Our current degree programs and centers

  • Agribusiness & Food Industry Management
  • Agricultural Science
  • Animal Health Science
  • Animal Science
  • Apparel Merchandising & Management
  • Food Science & Technology
  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Plant Science
  • W. K. Kellogg Arabian Horse Center

Endowment Giving

By contributing to an existing endowment or establishing a named endowment, you will provide on-going sources of funding for students, faculty, programs, buildings, and activities for future generations to come. Because the corpus is not spent and a portion of the earnings is reinvested, an endowment lasts in perpetuity, enabling you to have a lasting legacy that will benefit future students.

There are many endowment opportunities and funding levels available at the College of Agriculture. The areas of need where endowments can have the greatest impact are listed below. 

Endowments for Faculty and Academic Programs:

  • Department Chairs and Professorships
  • Laboratories and teaching facilities
  • The College of Agriculture, Departments, Centers, and Programs

Endowments for Student Scholarships:

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate

Endowments can also cover other purposes that may fall outside of these categories or for purposes that matter most to you.

Student Scholarships

Support for undergraduate and graduate scholarships helps to ensure future and current students have access to a learn by doing education. Scholarships help Cal Poly Pomona maintain access to our unique programs and attract top students. Above all, scholarships provide a foundation from which students can achieve their academic goals and go on to contribute their skills to the world. Please consider how you can help open doors to a life changing education for students.

21st Century Facilities

The college’s vision to upgrade existing facilities and construct new educational spaces aims to enhance the student learning experience and promote interdisciplinary collaboration.  These priorities are designed to leverage advances in technology and better prepare students to assume leadership positions in industry, governmen,t and academia. Modern facilities are critical if we hope to maintain a leadership position in agricultural education.

Construct a veterinary teaching clinic

The new small and large animal facility will centralize the Animal Health Sciences program into one dedicated facility to support program growth and standards of excellence in line with the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Build out AGRIscapes Research Capabilities 

  • Construct 3,600 square feet addition to existing classroom for research labs.  Also add a plant tissue culture lab.  
  • Expand office complex to include labs for irrigation, insectary, and hands-on visitors’ exhibits.  Construct a free standing multi-purpose room for conference or classroom formats. 
  • Rebuild the Batcheller Conservatory from the ornamental horticulture unit and add wings for Yoshikawa and Degen. 

Purchase of Biotechnology Equipment 

Equipment is needed to conduct research in the areas of genomics, microbiology, biotechnology, equine physiology, and microbiology. This would allow our faculty and graduate students to conduct modern research. 

Remodel Building 45 

Modernization and conversion of parts of building 45 is needed to support enrollment growth.  A number of rooms need to be retrofitted to modernize them and turn them into flexible teaching space. 

Construct Centralized Animal Unit 

The unit will house all of the production (farm) animals on campus.

Expand Culinary Garden at Collins Center 

The garden will be utilized as a lab for students in the Hospitality Management and Plant Science programs, and would be an aesthetic ornamental and edible garden.