Use food to prevent and treat disease.

Nutritional science applies chemistry and biology to determine the effect of nutrients on the human body. What foods prevent disease? Make the world a healthier place. And bring in a healthy pay check - your expertise will be in demand. Bust myths, informed by the scientific truth.   (For Food Science & Technology go here)


Science for healthy cells.

Like bio and chem? Take our Nutritional Science option, and make new discoveries about diet, disease and health. Unlock the secrets of DNA, cellular biology and nutrients.

Doctor, dentist, vet, pharmD?

We’ll put you on the right track: pre-med, pre-dent, pre-pharm, pre-vet.

Make fresh foods accessible

Be part of our outreach programs to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income neighborhoods. Teach new eating habits.

Woman on a scale

Diets for healthy lives

Like working with people? Take our Dietetics option and work with doctors and patients on nutritional and wellness programs for specific medical conditions.

Be a weight loss guru

Help Americans attack obesity. There's money in it, too.