Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

Real World Learning

Participants in Cholesterol Study Will Receive Free Avocados

Max Johnson, a graduate student in the College of Agriculture, launched a research study to determine whether regular consumption of avocados can improve blood cholesterol levels. Participants in the study received a medium-size Hass avocado daily for eight weeks. Results are being tabulated.

Teaching Nutrition from the Ground Up

As part of a community nutrition course taught by lecturer Jasmin Ilkay, 12 foods & nutrition students volunteered more than 300 hours to install edible gardens at San Antonio High School and El Roble Intermediate School in Claremont. Students also created a marketing plan, including a newsletter, brochures and a slogan, “Let's Grub,” to encourage a wholesome lifestyle.

His Homework Included a Food Bank

As a foods and nutrition major, Darren Johnson learned about the chemistry of food, meal planning, biology and traditional ethnic dishes. His knowledge was mostly theoretical until last year, when he helped open a food bank in downtown Pomona.

Improving the Health of Latinos

Cal Poly Pomona has received a three-year, $248,043 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to train dietetic students to better serve the Latino community. The funding will expand the curriculum for Human Nutrition & Food Science (HNFS) undergraduates, offering new courses that develop Spanish-language skills and focus on Latino culture as well as food and health issues.