Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture

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College of Agriculture

Agriscapes Cows grazing Cows of agri Farm Store Lettuce Llama in agri Sheep Sheep herding

Agribusiness & Food Industry Management

Students at field trip Farming area Factory tour CPP Pumpkin Festival Class at field trip

Agricultural Science

Agriscapes Avocado Class Bee class Insect Class Teaching Teaching students

Animal Health Science

AVS 407 splint wrapping Mirzadeh Tech Pet surgery preparation Pet surgery

Animal Science

Student feeding lamb Cows grazing in pasture English horse show team Students handling foal Grandpre Mares running Piglets Swines Treadmill Horse Research

Apparel Merchandising

Group photo Apparel Product Analysis Lab Apparel Production Lab Class Apparel Wholesaling Class, AMM 471 Textile Testing Lab Textile Testing Apparel Production Lab Class Computer Lab Apparel Production Lab Apparel Production Class Textile Testing Lab1 AM2 Product Line 1 AM Product Line 3 Apparelscapes Retail Micro-Business 9 Apparelscapes Retail Micro-Business 7 Apparelscapes Retail Micro-Business 4 Apparelscapes Retail Micro-Business 8 Apparelscapes Retail Micro-Business 11 Seeing the Sights in London The Eifel Tower on a weekend trip to Paris

Food Marketing

Student presenting Group presentation Strawberry display Taco Display

Food Science

Armstrong Elementary Folate cookies High fiber cookie High fiber tortilla

Foods & Nutrition

Educating the public Folate study Produce giveaway Research

Plant Science

Dragon Fruit Fair garden Grapes being pruned Greenhouse Hydroponics Lettuce Research Pomona Organics Research1 Turf testing