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College of Agriculture

horse in the field

1,500 acres of pastures, fruit trees and a famous horse farm

Cal Poly Pomona is surrounded by our farm country, with horses galloping in fields, hillside vineyards, and green pastures with cows grazing. All this "belongs" to us in the College of Ag. We’re even the ones behind various areas of the landscaping.

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Field of plants

We learn by doing, with plants, animals, food and fashion.

Our favorite thing is "Learning by doing" hands-on in classes, labs and special projects like testing crop varieties for yields, developing healthier snacks, presenting business plans for "green" products, or creating a new clothing line.

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Photo Album


Scientists can geek out :)

People who were into science in high school have unlimited ways to geek out. Biology, chemistry, biochem and genetics, in action!

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Ultrasound for a grizzly and other community activities

Our clubs get us involved with each other and the community. Petting zoos and pet therapy for kids and the elderly. Saving wildlife (the grizzly is OK now). Mentoring FFA members…and students from Japan. Demonstrating food experiments at the LA County Fair.

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Photo Album

Fashion Show

Our fashion shows rock

Surprised? Our College of Ag has the best Apparel Merchandising and Management program in the West. We retail our creations on campus and put on runway shows for the whole University.

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spring fling

Fun at Spring Fling

The Ag Council is an organization made up of representatives from all the Ag student clubs, but we’re not all serious. We put on the Spring Fling to celebrate the year’s end. Those are professors with pies in the face!

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ortiz kissing a pig

It’s a family affair.

The College of Ag is like a big family. We help the whole University get into the spirit, like the CPP President at our "Kiss a Farm Animal" Day. Check out this photo album of a few ways students and faculty play together.

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Tractor Shows

Our Pumpkin Festival and Tractor Show are famous

Over 30,000 people attend our famous Pumpkin Festival in the Fall. Families pick their own pumpkins and play games at booths run by Ag student clubs. But our Antique Tractor and Car Show is getting almost as popular.

Photo Album

Photo Album

Students Helping Construction

Everyone pitches in

Every year the whole College of Ag, including faculty and staff, helps out with a big improvement project on "Ag Beautification" day. Our projects have varied from renovating barns, to enhancing the apparel production lab, and we’ve even cleaned up the swine unit together.

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Agribusiness & Food Industry Management

Students presenting

It’s not just what you know, it’s how you use & present it.

We learn marketing, finance, food chain politics, logistics, world trade. Then, we apply it. We write plans for companies (like Sam’s Club) and our own ideas. The true test: boil it down to a single bulletin board and present it to a group.

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Developing a new wine brand, from farm to store.

Our favorite thing is "Learning by doing" hands-on in classes, labs and special projects like testing crop varieties for yields, developing healthier snacks, presenting business plans for "green" products, or creating a new clothing line.

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Our winning Western Collegiate Food Marketing team and trips

Did we mention that we do awesome presentations? Why: it’s one of the key skills you need in business. We travel to statewide competitions to present our marketing plans. And our teams win top placings. We also take field trips to get insider tours.

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Pumpkin Festival

FMA booth at the famous Pumpkin Festival

Most clubs do booths at the College of Ag Pumpkin Festival. Ours were Pumpkin painting and yes, Subway. Fun for all.

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Another Win

Yet another win in a major competition.

Yet another huge win for our team. This could be you!

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Students and Their Posters

Quick, you have 20 minutes for the strategy and poster!

We all got together for lunch and took the challenge: each team had to come up with a marketing strategy for an Ag product (cage-free eggs with DHA),create a poster and present it. And the winners are.

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Students presenting in a Banquet

Banquet: next year your photo could be here too.

Like we said FMA faculty and students are like one big family and we love celebrating together. Of course, we show off the year’s top presentations.

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We’re athletes – in sports not just business

It’s amazing how many of us are into sports. Riding: Meggie even teaches it to one of our professor’s daughters. We have a four- time Olympic medalist – in archery! Basketball. You name it. Our Dr. Merlino got an award for supporting student athletes.

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Agricultural Science

Raising Horses

Helping raise foals at the Kellogg Horse Center

This is really horse heaven. We students help operate this on-campus horse ranch as we learn about breeding and feeding. You can work with other livestock too, we have herds of cattle, goats, sheep and pigs.

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Agriscapes, greenhouses and 1,500 acres of farmland

We learn about sustainable agriculture on 1,500 acres of farmland. You can grow fruit and horticultural plants and sell them at our Farm Store. Our vermaculture team raises our own worms for soil science. Agriscapes is our amazing educational and research center – watch the video.

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Field Day

Our Ag Field Day for 500 high school FFA members

The Ag Ed club organizes and runs the annual Ag Field Day for over 500 high school FFA (Future Farmers of America) members. As part of our coursework we set up the competitions (like Floriculture, Light Horse Judging, an Ag science fair, and Trailer Backing), supervise over 50 volunteers, and give out the awards. We teach, learn and have fun.

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Mentoring at the State FFA leadership conference

The Ag Ed Club attends the annual State FFA Leadership Conference held at Fresno State. Thousands of high school FFA members from across the state attend. We get hands-on teaching experience by putting on workshops to improve FFA member leadership skills.

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Student Teaching

Ag Science - Student Teaching

Our major puts you on the fastest possible track to a teaching credential. We get lots of hands-on experience educating students (and adults and kids) as part of community service programs and fun events. We work with FFA at Ag Field Day and the State Leadership Conference. And get real classroom experience as well. There’s a demand for Ag educators who graduate from our program – nice to know!

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Animal Health Science


From radiology to surgical assisting, we’re hands-on.

Our special secret: we get to do more hand-on medical work than the Pre-Vets do. We learn veterinary radiology and anesthesiology, and assist in actual surgeries when we intern in real veterinary offices.

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cute Piglet

The new babies at our sheep & swine unit

Check out our well-bred kids (it’s in their DNA, we plan it that way). Don't let our names fool you. We have goats too! Not to mention a big, white maremma guard dog (Mac) and a donkey that loves to fart (Curly).

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Japanese student seminars: we’re the mentors.

Our program is so amazing, students from Japan pay to take our seminars. We show them animal handling techniques and procedures like CPR and how to insert an IV. Don’t worry, those are stuffed animals we’re using for practice :)

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Banquets, fundraisers and fun

Our clubs put on events like the AHSTA end of year banquet. This year’s theme was the Old West. Last year was Vintage Hollywood. In the first photo in this album we’re spelling out “AHSTA”, can you tell?

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Animal Science

Kellogg Farm

Work & learn at the famous Kellogg Arabian horse farm

Animal Science students help run the world famous Arabian horse farm – from the breeding programs to the monthly Arabian shows for the public. Breed your “own” mare and be there when she foals – all for college credit.

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Meat Science

Vegetarians: Don’t watch this video from meat science lab

Do you know what part of a steer “carne asada” comes from and why it’s so tasty? Meat Science gets you into fields like food marketing and food safety. We sell the beef we raise at the campus Farm Store.

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Food Science and Technology


A visit to our experimental food science lab

Glimpse a few of our scientific tests and measurements for a microwave enchilada and a new drink we’re entering in a competition. Both shelf life and flavor are really important.latest cool tools.

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Picture of Bottled Drinks

Careers where you get to eat your science experiments.

When you’re a food scientist, they pay you to play with food! So says this careers video by the IFT, the national food tech professional society we’re very involved in (great networking).

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Culinology©: where science meets the art of cooking.

Our Culinology program is one of the few approved by the RCA (Research Chef’s Association). Develop new products – take your ideas from the lab to full scale retail sales – or the table.

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Culinology 2

Results of Culinology©

We make posters to present the results of our lab experiments.

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Foods & Nutrition

Group Picture

What a dietitian does: a blend of food and medicine.

We get involved in industry groups like the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and attend fun events. They did this video on all the career directions a dietician can take, global or local.

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Plant Science


The Tractor and Antique Car Show

The Plant Sciences clubs give tractor rides to kids and car buffs show off vintage autos at this popular event.

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We’re mining for gold

Black gold! We built a worm farm together. Vermiculture = soil sustainability.

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Farm Store

The Farm Store: where everything comes together

We grow, pack and market all kinds of produce at the famous Farm Store, which is part of Plant Sciences.

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Agriscapes: we learn and teach sustainability

Students work at our center with exhibits, workshops and farms showing environmentally friendly ag and waste management.

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