Academic Department Engagement Funds

Allowable Activities and Expenditures

Activities supported by this fund should be for students and with the aim of enhancing student engagement and involvement with departments.  In all cases:

  • the content of the event must be designed to increase student engagement with the department;
  • the department needs to be the host of the event or activity;
  • the activity must be broadly available to students with majors in the department; this might involve an application process for an activity in which not every student will ultimately participate.

The following are a few examples of activities (and related expenditures) that may be supported by this fund.  Please see the on-line Engagement Q+A for additional information.

  1. Guest speakers in classrooms, student club meetings, and/or other special events designed to increase student involvement with departments.
  2. Department seminar series, where students are the primary target audience.
  3. Peer-tutors and other outside of the classroom teaching/learning experiences to support student engagement and academic success.
  4. Student projects, where these projects enhance the engagement of all students (i.e., majors) served by the department.
  5. Non-cash student awards, e.g. a trophy or other item that conforms to the state hospitality policy. Such awards might be the culmination of an activity/event that enhances student engagement with the department.
  6. Inquiries about appropriate use of the funds should be directed to members of the committee for Student Engagement in Academic Departments:
    • Dr. Liliane Fucaloro,, Chair of the English & Foreign Languages Department
    • Dr. Xudong Jia,, Chair of the Civil Engineering Department

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