Academic Department Engagement Funds

Activities Not Allowed

The following provides general guidelines to departments in order to avoid the use of this fund for activities that are not aligned with the aim of enhancing student engagement and involvement with the department:

  • This fund should not be used for activities that do not provide participation opportunity for all majors in the department;
  • Departments should not use this fund to purchase office supplies and equipment (e.g., scanners, projectors, cameras, etc.). If such a purchase is made, there should be a clear justification for how the acquired item(s) enhance student engagement and involvement with the department;
  • Instructional materials that benefit only one class are generally not appropriate;
  • Student scholarships and stipends are not appropriate;
  • If funds are used for a subset of student in the department (e.g., for travel to a conference), a clearly defined selection process must be in place to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate.

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