Academic Department Engagement Funds

The Cal Poly Pomona Student Success Fee provides support to academic departments to create opportunities for students to become engaged with their department, peers, and discipline to promote academic and future success.

 Among the many possibilities, funds may be used for:

  • Guest speakers in classrooms, student club meetings, and/or other events;
  • Opportunities for students to network with faculty, alumni and working professionals;
  • Peer tutoring and advising, or mentoring mixers;
  • Fall fairs and welcome receptions to connect students with the campus and department. All expenses must conform to established University guidelines and policies for the general fund.  Student scholarships and stipends are not allowed.

These funds can be used to provide refreshments for students to encourage attendance at activities.  The department’s efforts to increase engagement are official university business and are covered in the Hospitality expense policy and procedures.  It is essential when processing paperwork for expenditure or reimbursement to provide clear documentation of the university business purpose for the activity:

  • Have an agenda that clearly describes the student engagement purposes and activities
  • Have sign in sheets – with separate sheets for students, faculty members and external visitors, so that it is easy to understand the attendees of the event(s)
  • Adhere to the dollar maximums per person listed in the campus hospitality expense procedure.

Distribution of Funds

Expenditure Questions and Answers