Convert Computer Lab to Smart Classroom

  • Managing Department: Apparel and Merchandising Management
  • Rooms/Courses Affected: 45-102A Classroom
  • Completed: 2016
  • Expenses: $61,811


This project was to convert classroom 45-102A (a computer lab) into a smart classroom with modern projection facilities and to increase its capacity from 27 to 34 computers to accommodate larger class sizes.  Room 45-102A is one of the most heavily-used classrooms in the building since its hosts a series of computer intensive classes for the AMM program.

Room 45-102A was designed for other purposes and with program expansion was pressed into a teaching space, the layout was not ideal.  Half of the students sat with their backs to the instructor as they worked and had to turn 180 degrees to watch a presentation that was partly obscured by people sitting in front of them.

The lottery funds supported the addition of a smart classroom set-up with a command podium, a three-way visual display layout with large viewing screens on three sides of the room, and seven additional computer stations.

Academic Impact:

The new set-up has greatly improved 45-102A as a learning environment.  The three screens mean students can easily see the displays with an uninterrupted line of sight.  This is especially important because the lab is used to teach a variety of courses using Computer Assisted Design (CAD) systems and specialty business software applications. Instructors demonstrate complex sequences and visual images that students need to see clearly.  The upgrade has also helped us to accommodate larger class sizes, necessary with the growth of the AMM program.

The upgraded lab is also increasingly used by the Agribusiness Management department for teaching its accounting classes.