Financial Markets Lab

  • Managing Department: College of Business Administration
  • Rooms/Courses Affected: 163-2032 / FRL 330, FRL 367, FRL 433, FRL 440
  • Completed: 2016
  • Expenses: $28,800


When "Dr. J. Douglas Ramsey Financial Markets Room" first opened its doors in 2012, outside of some chairs and tables, it was barren. Those behind the project saw Cal Poly Pomona’s future financial epicenter with excitement and a learning experience comparable to a day on the floor of Wall Street.

The latest upgrade to the Financial Markets Room came in the form of the industry’s top analysis software, Bloomberg Terminal. CBA alumni led by Doug Ramsey (FRL) and David Alvarado (FRL) worked with the Provost's Office on raising funds to complete the addition and students began enjoying spring quarter of 2017.

By providing access to one of the finance industry's main analytic tools, students now have the opportunity to gain valuable experience on necessary software. Along with Bloomberg Terminal, the most recent phase of improvements to the Dr. J. Douglas Ramsey Financial Markets Room also included a real-time ticker constantly displaying breaking news and upgraded monitors.

Academic Impact:

Short of traveling to New York and trading on the exchange floor, the Financial Markets Room is an improvement necessary to embracing the polytechnic way of learning. Bloomberg Terminal is an industry staple and several students have already completed a six-section certification program proving basic software literacy. Having access to the Bloomberg Software is a distinct advantage for FRL majors in the following disciplines:

  • Corporate Finance
  • Derivatives
  • Futures/Options
  • International Trade
  • Investment Banking
  • Investment & Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio Theory
  • Securities Analysis