Classroom Upgrades in Building 79B

  • Managing Department: Collins College of Hospitality Management
  • Rooms/Courses Affected: 79B-1217, 79B-1230, 79B-1243
  • Completion: 2017
  • Budget: $35,000


Upgrades to The Collins College of Hospitality Management’s Building 79B allow future hospitality leaders to work in a professional environment.

The renovation project for the classrooms is Building 79B (79B-1230,79B-1243, 79B-1235/1217/1227) renovation project included the following:  

  • New carpet
  • New ergonomic chairs
  • Fresh paint in the classrooms

Academic Impact:

These classroom upgrades follow a Demonstration Lab renovation earlier this summer at the Collins College. 

"It’s nice to see some of our most used classrooms finally receive an upgrade. We’re always excited and thankful when we see continuous investments in The College Collins." says Collins Ambassador Anissa Garcia.