Basic Needs

Meet Our Staff

Care Services Coordinator

The Care Services Coordinator for the Broncos Care Basic Needs Program role serves as the point of contact for Cal Poly Pomona students experiencing food insecurity and housing displacement. The Care Services Coordinator is available to meet with students regarding:

  • Food Insecurity
  • CalFresh
  • Housing Displacement
  • Emergency/crisis situations that impact food and housing insecurity
  • Connection to resources on/off campus  that can assist students overall well-being and basic needs
  • Provide continued holistic support to students throughout the process to ensure student success

To get in touch with the Care Services Coordinator, please contact Judy Juarez at or We will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours. 

The Care Services Coordinator is located in the Student Health & Wellness Building (Building 46). Contacting through email or phone is preferred to ensure prompt availability.

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CalFresh Outreach Ambassador

CalFresh Outreach Ambassadors are student staff that assist students with the CalFresh application process from pre-screening to post application. CalFresh Outreach Ambassador’s also do outreach to the campus community to spread awareness about the CalFresh Program as well as educate others about eligibility. To get in touch with a CalFresh Outreach Ambassador please contact