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Temporary CalFresh Student Eligibility Changes

Work Study and Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) $0

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic emergency, eligibility for CalFresh food benefits has been temporarily expanded to college students who are eligible for Work Study and/or those who have an Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) of $0. This change is effective until the COVID-19 pandemic emergency is over. 

The Cal Poly Pomona, Office of Financial Aid, has confirmed if students are eligible for work study during the Spring 2021 term. To view your letter, please follow the steps below. If you have questions or need assistance, please email us at calfresh@cpp.edudo not contact the Office of Financial Aid

  1. Please login to your bronco direct  
  2. Select the “My communications” envelope icon. (Should be found on the left-hand side) 
  3. Select on “Temporary Expansion of CalFresh” 
  4. View your Letter 

Need Help with CalFresh Verification Documents?

If the county is asking to verify enrollment and/or additional verification, please contact the CPP CalFresh Outreach Team at with any request. 

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What is CalFresh?

  • CalFresh is a nutrition assistance program that helps low-income individuals and families buy the food they need.
  • CalFresh dollars help stretch a tight food budget and help many people afford to incorporate healthy foods like fruits and vegetables into their diets.
  • CalFresh is the name of the USDA-funded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the state of California. Recipients receive and “spend” CalFresh benefits electronically, via personal Golden State Advantage electronic benefits transfer (EBT) cards that look just like any other credit or debit cards.

What is CalFresh Outreach (CFO)?

The CalFresh Outreach Program is funded through the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) and is implemented in partnership with county social services offices. It assists people through the entire CalFresh application process, including assistance with the application itself, obtaining verification documents, navigating the 30-day application period, as well as the renewal process.

Funded by USDA SNAP, known in California as CalFresh, an equal opportunity provider and employer, and the California Department of Social Services.

Make an appointment

Make an appointment to get help with your CalFresh application!

What we can assist with:

  • Eligibility Prescreen
  • Application Assistance
  • Required Verifications
  • Interview Preparation
  • Recertification
  • Troubleshooting

Our Location

While our location is normally at the Student Health Center, all of our services are currently remote through phone or Zoom appointments.


Contact Us

Call or Text: (909) 625-8090


Apply for CalFresh Online

The CalFresh application process can be tricky sometimes, we encourage students to apply with the CalFresh Outreach Program to ensure you are submitting your application correctly. 

If you prefer to apply on your own you can use the link below. You can always outreach to us if you have questions after you submit your application!

Apply Online for CalFresh
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Eligibility Information

Basic & student eligibility information changes semi-regularly. Please visit the Center for Healthy Communities CFO Website for current eligibility information. 

Application process

Step 1:

Prescreening with CalFresh Outreach Team during drop-in hours or appointment

Step 2:

If eligible, complete and submit an application with CalFresh Outreach Team

Step 3:

Your 30-day time frame begins when you submit your application online.

Step 4:

Within two weeks, you will complete your phone interview.

  • The county social service department will call or mail you a date for your interview
  • Answer ALL unknown or private numbers because it might be for CalFresh
  • Let the CalFresh Outreach Team know if you have NOT been contacted 2 weeks from your date of submission

Step 5:

After your interview, you will be required to submit verification documents to your county office to complete your application. You must submit your documents on time or result in submitting a new application. Examples of verification documentation include:

  • Form of ID
  • Proof of address
  • Utility bills
  • Pay stubs
  • Financial aid award letter and schedule

Step 6:

If approved, you can now begin using your CalFresh benefits!


No, CalFresh does not affect your financial aid.

CalFresh does not affect your taxes.

No, you do not need to have a job in order to be eligible for CalFresh. Although, there are other eligibility requirements that you need to meet. If you would like to learn more about eligibility you can make an appointment with a CalFresh Outreach Student Ambassador. They can answer questions about CalFresh and walk you through the online application.
“This website was funded by USDA, SNAP, known in California as CalFresh, an equal opportunity provider and employer, and the California Department of Social Services.”