Basic Needs

Basic Needs Assistance Request

Students are able to request any basic needs services by submitting an assistance application below. Once a student submits an application, a Basic Needs staff member will outreach to the student to schedule an intake meeting or provide information about next steps for services via email.

For most services students must be currently enrolled. Incoming students and students who are taking a semester/year off are encouraged to email so we can connect with you about services that we can connect them with. 



Students are encouraged to apply to CalFresh- a food assistance program that can provide you with up to $200/month in food benefits. To learn more and see if you are eligible visit our CalFresh Outreach Page

Basic Needs Assistance Application

icon with a hand and heart, a clothes hanger, house, and money
Use this form to apply/request:
Eligibility Criteria: 
  • Be an enrolled student during the current academic year. Students in “active status” enrolling in the upcoming semester may be considered.
  • Are part-time or full-time undergraduate or graduate/credential students
  • Undocumented, DACA, and International students are eligible
  • Experiencing an unforeseen emergency/crisis that impacts student success such as:
    • Displacement/homeless: living in your car, living in motel/hotel, shelter, streets, or temporarily staying with friends or family
    • An unexpected loss of job or income
    • An uninsured medical or dental emergency
    • Victim of a crime or accident
  • Committed to working on an action plan with the Broncos Care Basic Needs Program Care Services Coordinator