Transfer Waiver to Dependent

Important Note About Cal Grant and State University Grant Recipients:  Before submitting a Dependent Fee Waiver, it is important to note that your dependent cannot receive both the CSU Fee Waiver benefit and a Cal Grant or State University Grant.  Please have your dependent check with their Financial Aid Counselor to avoid potential loss of one of these grants (which may pay a better benefit than your waiver benefit), before submitting your waiver form.

  • Cal Poly Pomona Employee's Dependent Fee Waiver Form 
    Below is the DocuSign link for the Dependent Fee Waiver.
    Visit the Dependent Fee Waiver (Opens in a new window)

    This form is to be completed by Cal Poly Pomona employees and must be completed via DocuSign for each term if your dependent is attending another CSU campus.  If your dependent is attending Cal Poly Pomona, we accept waivers for the regular academic year (Fall and Spring) on one form.  Summer waivers should be submitted separately after verifying through the Schedule of Classes website (Opens in a new window)  if the course(s) to be taken are state funded (Regular Academic Session). Eligible dependents must be matriculated towards a degree or teaching credential as specified in the Eligibility website (Opens in a new window). 

    Fee Waiver Course Eligibility
    Approved CSU Fee Waivers are only applicable for Regular Academic Session (state-funded) courses and cannot be applied to courses that are Open University/Extension Programs.  Please check the Schedule of Classes for the applicable academic term to determine if the class is "Regular Academic Session" or not.  For Summer, it is mainly the Doctoral Program classes that are state-funded.

  • Employees from Other CSU Campuses or Chancellor's Office Employees:  Please complete the required transfer of benefit paperwork at your own campus and have your Fee Waiver Coordinator submit the approved waiver to Cal Poly Pomona HR Operations. This transfer must be submitted separately for each term your eligible dependent is to enroll.  View Timelines for Dependent Waivers to be Submitted to Cal Poly Pomona HR for continuing students.