Steps for Work-Related Fee Waivers

Step 1 - Contact the Fee Waiver Coordinator

This step includes an eligibility check.

Employee Fee Waiver Coordinator
Telephone:  (909) 869-4345

Step 2 - Complete Work Related Statement of Reason and Admissions Application

Work Related Statement of Reason --  Please upload a Word or PDF document via DocuSign as an attachment. Work Related Statement of Reason should include one or two paragraphs stating how the course relates to your request. Supervisor/HEERA Manager/Dean/Dept. Head authorization is required. 

Please refer to the Schedule of Classes and/or the University Catalog for needed course descriptions and other information necessary to complete the waiver form. Your Supervisor/HEERA Manager/Dean/ Dept. Head must approve the waiver before you submit via DocuSign to Human Resources (HR) for review.

Admissions and Outreach classifies all Work-Related students as transitory/academic visitors and participants are:

  • Not required to provide transcripts or test scores and are not subject to the normal academic evaluation process for acceptance by Admissions and Outreach.
  • Unable to declare a major, nor can a degree be conferred
  • Required to submit a new California State University Application for Admission for acceptance as a "new" visitor each quarter/semester.

You will need to submit your admission application via DocuSign. Please contact the Fee Waiver Coordinator for this form.

When completing the form, the "name of your intended major" should be 'undeclared'. You do not need to enter a major code.  You must complete the education section, indicating all colleges and universities you have previously attended.  You must also sign the certification on the last page.  Then, submit the application form via DocuSign, along with your approved Employee Fee Waiver Application.  These documents should be submitted to HR Operations  at least one (1) month prior to the first day of the term in which you plan to take the work-related course(s).

Once your Fee Waiver Application has been reviewed and approved, the Admissions Application will be submitted by HR-Operations to Admissions, along with a waiver for the application fee. Your approved Fee Waiver will also be submitted to Cal Poly Pomona Student Accounts and Cashiering Services.

Step 3 - Complete Employee Fee Waiver Application

Complete the Employee Fee Waiver Application via DocSign, listing the course(s) to be taken during the specific semester. A separate form must be completed for each academic term.

Important Note: Employees taking courses that are work-related, who are also preparing for admission to a Graduate Program, should be aware that there are limits as to how many units may be petitioned for graduate credit when these units are taken prior to being formally admitted to the specific graduate degree program. (Limited to 9 semester units that can be petitioned)

Complete the course description form via DocuSign. The course information must be included as well as a clear description of how the class relates to either: a) improving the level of skill needed to perform existing duties and responsibilities or b) acquiring additional skills needed to perform new assigned duties and responsibilities.

Below is the DocuSign link for the Employee Fee Waiver:
Visit the Employee Fee Waiver  (Opens in a new window)

Step 4 - Register for Selected Course(s)

Upon notification of admission to the University as a transitory student, you will be able to register for your approved course(s) during the late registration and/or add/drop period. There is no guarantee of space availability for courses--employees are subject to the same access provisions as other students attempting to add/late register for classes.

As a transitory student you will not be able to pre-register for classes at any time, as registration appointments are only provided to students who are pursuing a degree/matriculating. You may want to approach the instructor for information on how best to obtain a spot in their class. Note: Auditing of classes is not permitted and the course must be taken for academic credit.

Fee Waiver Course Eligibility
Approved CSU Fee Waivers are only applicable for Regular Academic Session (state-funded) courses and cannot be applied to courses that are Open University/Extension Programs.  Please check the Schedule of Classes for the applicable academic term to determine if the class is "Regular Academic Session" or not.  For Summer, it is mainly the Doctoral Program classes that are state-funded.

Step 5 - Paying Your Fees

Your approved waiver will be submitted to Cal Poly Pomona Student Accounts and Cashiering Services for processing. The waiver will not be applied to your account until the close of the add/drop period. You will then need to pay your balance due.