Employee Fee Waiver

Fee waiver is a program designed to reduce or waive state fees for eligible employees to take classes at a CSU campus in order to improve current job skills/abilities (work-related training) or to obtain the education needed to pursue CSU career goals (career development).


A work-related course is taken for the purpose of a) improving the level of skill needed to perform existing duties and responsibilities or b) acquiring additional skills needed to perform newly assigned or planned duties and responsibilities.

Admissions classifies all work-related Fee Waiver participants (students) as transitory/academic visitors and participants are:

  • Not required to provide transcripts or test scores and are not subject to the normal academic evaluation process for acceptance by Admissions.
  • Unable to declare a major, nor can a degree be conferred.
  • Required to submit a new CSU Admissions Application for acceptance as a "new" visitor each quarter/semester.

Career Development

Career development courses are taken for CSU career development purposes. The CSU career goal may be job-related or may be for a different CSU field or career path and not pertain to the employee's current position.
Employee's pursuing CSU Career Development need to complete an Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP), whether the degree is job-related or in a different field. Course enrollments, voluntary in nature,must be identified in the Individual Career Development Plan (ICDP) approved by the line organization and HR Operations. While promotions are not guaranteed as a result of participation in an ICDP, employees may use this as an opportunity to become competitive with other candidates for promotional opportunities/position vacancies.

Career Development Fee Waiver Participants:

  • Are considered students of the University and must satisfy the entrance requirements of the University.
  • Must remain in good academic standing
  • Must be pursuing a degree/matriculating