How to Enroll

Employee Tuition Fee Waiver

Step 1:
  • Please complete additional attachments before starting the Employee Fee Waiver DocuSign. Additional documents may include the Individual Career Development Plan (PDF), the Work Related Statement of Reason, an Alternate Work Schedule, Admissions Application, and/or the Cal State Apply Application Reimbursement Screenshot. All documents with required signatures must be completed before the Fee Waiver Application submission.

  • ICDP: Download the Individual Career Development Plan (PDF) -- Kindly, attach your Career Development Plan via DocuSign as an attachment. This action will be required each semester.
  • Work Related Statement of Reason: Please upload a Word or PDF document via DocuSign as an attachment. Work Related Statement of Reason should include one or two paragraphs stating how the course relates to your request. HEERA manager/Dean authorization is required.

  •  Cal State Apply Application Reimbursement Instructions:
    -View Order Page in Cal State Apply
    -In order to process a refund of the $70 application fee paid to Cal State Apply, we need a copy of the “View Order” page to use as a receipt to confirm payment.  The page needs to show Cal Poly Pomona and the payment details, including date and time of payment. 
    -Following is how your dependent can download a copy or take a screen shot of that page in their Cal State Apply account:
    -Go to []
    -Select the term that you applied under “Select a Term to Apply For” and then click “Apply”
    -Sign into your account
    -Click under your name on the right-hand corner
    -Click on “My Profile”
    -Click on “Payment History” on the left-hand tabs
    -Click on “View Order Details”
    -Right click to print that page
    -The page will show the last four digits of the credit card used to pay the fee.  This is not considered level 1 data and can be sent via email.
Step 2:                                                            

Below is the DocuSign link for the Employee Fee Waiver:

Visit the Employee Fee Waiver  (Opens in a new window)

Courses must be state-funded (regular academic session) and either be work-related or part of an approved Individual Career Development Plan towards a degree in support of CSU career goals.  Employees not currently admitted to pursue a degree, who wish to take a work-related class, should contact the Employee Fee Waiver contact at, for details and the applicable admissions form.

Transfer Waiver to Dependent

Below is the DocuSign link for the Dependent Fee Waiver
Visit the Dependent Fee Waiver (Opens in a new window)
This form is to be completed by Cal Poly Pomona employees and must be completed via DocuSign for each term if your dependent is attending another CSU campus.  If your dependent is attending Cal Poly Pomona, we accept waivers for the regular academic year (Fall and Spring) on one form.  Summer waivers should be submitted separately after verifying through the Schedule of Classes website (Opens in a new window)  if the course(s) to be taken are state funded (Regular Academic Session). Eligible dependents must be matriculated towards a degree or teaching credential as specified in the Eligibility website (Opens in a new window). 


Items Required for DocuSign:

  1. Supervisor/Heera Manager/Dean/Dept. Head Name and Email
  2. ICDP or Work-Related Statement
  3. *If applicable, Alternate Work Schedule and/or Admissions Application, Cal State Apply Proof of Payment


DocuSign Information Session PowerPoint & PDF

DocuSign Information PowerPoint (Opens in a new window)

DocuSign Information PDF (Opens in a new window)