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Eligible CSU employees may enroll in one of two dental plans for themselves and their eligible dependents.   The full dental plan rates are currently paid by the CSU. 

The two plans to choose from are:

  • Delta Dental PPO (Indemnity Plan)
  • DeltaCare USA (Prepaid Plan)

Following are some resources and information to assist you in choosing and enrolling in a dental plan:

  • Please review the Dental Plan Summary & Comparison to see how the copays, deductibles, and benefit maximums differ by the benefit level applicable for your employee group.
  • For additional information, please refer to the Delta Dental CSU specific website or contact the plan directly for additional details:  Contact information 
  • When you have made your choice, fill out the Enrollment Worksheet (log-in with CPP credentials).  If enrolling any dependents, you will need to provide each dependent's Social Security Number, a copy of marriage certificate if enrolling a spouse, a copy of Domestic Partnership certification if enrolling a Domestic Partner, and birth certificates for dependent children.  When enrolling in multiple benefit programs (medical, dental, vision, etc.), please just complete one worksheet and provide one set of documentation copies for your dependents to be covered.
  •  Documentation may be uploaded to PolyDocs or submitted to the Benefits Office. 

Effective Date of Coverage – If you enroll on or before the last day of the pay period in which you are appointed, the effective date of medical coverage will be the first day of the following month.   

Enrollment Period – You have 60 calendar days from your appointment date to enroll in benefits.