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CPP Health Benefits

Cal Poly Pomona offers a comprehensive package of benefit programs.  Employees who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate in the benefit programs sponsored by the CSU: 





  • appointed to at least half-time (.50) or more, and
  • an initial appointment duration of more than six months (six months and one day) 


  • appointed to at least half-time (7.5 WTU's' or greater), and
  • an initial appointment duration of more than six months (six months and one day). 

    For further details, take a look at 2020/2021 Benefits and Pay Summary.

Temporary Academic Year Lecturers and Coaches

  • appointed to at least 0.4 timebase (6.0 WTU's' or greater), and
  • initial appointment duration for at least one semester.



If you do not meet the standard criteria for benefits eligible employees, you may be eligible to enroll in CalPERS health benefits or FlexCash under the ACA if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You work an average of 130 hours per month based on an annual review of computed timebase or reported hours during a 12-month measurement period, or
  • You are appointed with at least a .75 timebase or higher regardless of length of appointment (duration) or initially hired to work at least 130 hours per month.

Hours worked with any CSU campus are to be incorporated into the applicable 12-month measurement period for ACA hours and used to determine employee status. If you do not meet standard or ACA eligibility requirements and are interested in benefits offered through federal exchanges, please visit Covered California for more information.

CalPERS IRS Reporting/Form 1095-B


Eligible dependents of an eligible employee include:

  • Spouse (unless legally separated or divorced)
  • Domestic partner, registered through the Secretary of State process, (see new eligibility criteria for enrolling your domestic partner), and
  • Dependent children from birth to the end of the month in which the child reaches 26. A dependent child includes a stepchild, a natural child recognized by the father, or a child living with the employee in a parent-child relationship who is economically dependent upon the employee.
  • New! - Effective 2018, employees must verify dependent eligibility every three years.  For further information, please refer to the Dependent Eligibility Verification (DEV) FAQ​.

Dependents become eligible coincident with the Eligible Employee or upon attainment of dependent status. Newborn infants are eligible for medical coverage from and after the moment of birth. Adopted children are eligible for medical coverage from and after the moment the child is placed in the physical custody of the Eligible Employee for adoption.