Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI)

Non-Industrial Disability Insurance (NDI) is a wage continuation program for employees whose disability is non-work related. This benefit is paid for by the CSU. Employees are not required to pay contributions or enrollment fees in order to be covered by this benefit. 

NDI Eligibility

NDI eligibility for CSU employees is as follows:

  1. The employee must be an active CalPERS/STRS member in compensated employment, and
  2. Be a permanent or probationary full-time CSU employee, regardless of period of service, in compensated employment, or is an employee of the CSU appointed half-time or more for one year of service or one academic year or more, and
  3. The employee has a disability which will be verified and accepted by the Employment Development Department (EDD), and
  4. Employee submits to a medical examination if requested by EDD.

Leave Credit

An employee must use all accrued sick leave credits before any NDI benefits may be paid. Use of accrued vacation credits during a disability is optional with the employee. However, if the employee elects to use accrued vacation credits, all of the accrued vacation credits must be used before NDI benefits will be paid.

Benefit Amounts

The chart below specifies the weekly benefit amount, as of February 2018, an eligible employee would qualify for based on employee category/collective bargaining identifier:

Employee Category and Weekly NDI Benefit
Employee Category Weekly NDI Benefit
Unit 1 (Physicians) $250
Units 2, 5, 7, & 9 (CSEA) $250
Unit 3 (Faculty) $125
Unit 4 (APC) $250
Unit 6 (Skilled Trades) $250
Unit 8 (Public Safety Officers) $125
Unit 11 (Teaching Associate) $125
Confidential (C99) Employees $250
Management Personnel Plan (MPP/M80) $250
Executive (M98) $250
Excluded (E99) N/A

The above information is intended to be a quick summary and is not intended to be all inclusive of the eligibility, claim, and procedural requirements for obtaining NDI benefits. 

Please contact Leaves Coordinator, Diana Diaz at (909) 869-6839 if a non-work-related disability occurs that may qualify for NDI benefits or if you have already filed an NDI claim and have questions regarding your NDI benefits. 

Note: Should the above listed information differ from the collective bargaining agreement, the collective bargaining agreement shall take precedence.