Sick Leave

Sick leave is accrued at the rate of eight (8) hours per qualifying pay period for full-time employees. Part-time employees accrue sick leave on a pro rata basis. 

As a form of security to guard against the loss of income during a prolonged illness, sick leave may be accumulated without limitation. The use of sick leave may be authorized by the HEERA manager when an employee is absent because of the employee's own illness, injury, or disability (including pregnancy disability)or the employee's own dental, eye, other physical or medical examination or treatments. Sick leave must be taken in units of no less than half hour. 

An employee shall be responsible for reporting an absence to the appropriate administrator as soon as possible in compliance with department procedures. 

An employee may be required to provide a physician's statement or other appropriate verification for absences, depending on the length of the absence. Please refer to the appropriate collective bargaining agreement's sick leave/paid leave article for the specific timeline on when a physician's statement may be required. Sick leave credits may not be used prior to their accrual which occurs on the first day of the following pay period (for qualifying pay periods). 

Sick leave may be authorized by the HEERA manager for other limited uses. Please refer to the appropriate collective bargaining agreement for details on when sick leave may be utilized. 

While no payment is made for unused sick leave upon leaving university employment, under certain conditions it is transferable to other State agencies or may be converted to service credit at retirement in accordance with CalPERS guidelines.

Questions regarding sick leave accrual and/or attendance reporting should be directed to Payroll Services, extension 2233.