University Brand: A Bold New Look


An epicenter for creativity, innovation and discovery

Since its founding in 1938, Cal Poly Pomona has offered a unique education steeped in experiential learning. We are the nation's most diverse and inclusive polytechnic university, and we take seriously our responsibility to provide a challenging, enriching education that helps prepare students to be ready for the world from Day 1. 

It is "The Cal Poly Pomona Way" 

We aspire to be the first choice for prospective students, alumni volunteers, corporate partners, regional stakeholders and committed benefactors. We strive to be a leader and innovator and to be an influential force in shaping tomorrow's leaders and thinkers. Our brand is both aspirational and inspirational - a people-centered approach that connects and resonate with its varied audiences. 

An innovative, immersive, transformational educational experience

We have an unwavering commitment to our most important asset - our students. We have played an integral role in shaping their growth and development for 80 years, and we will continue to do so through a lens of creativity and innovation.

Brand Attributes

Who We Are

Cal Poly Pomona is an optimistic, confident, empowering brand

  • We are an advocate and champion for our constituencies and our community. 
  • We are dedicated to making a difference in people's lives and are committed to being a force for change in our region, state and nation.
  • We are upbeat, solutions-oriented, active and energetic.
  • We uncover potential and transform it into success

What We Believe

Our beliefs are not just words. They represent our commitments and values. They guide our actions. We believe in and practice:

  • Academic Excellence: promoting quality, relevance, innovation, creativity and purpose
  • Experiential Learning: providing integrative, hands-on, collaborative opportunities
  • Accountability: being difference-makers in the lives of those we touch
  • Leadership: striving for excellence
  • Inclusion: accessibility, approachability and diversity
  • Responsibility: a commitment to one another, to society and to the environment

What We Do

Cal Poly Pomona provides an educational experience that transforms lives. It is immersive, hands-on, personalized and multi-disciplinary. It values collaboration and diverse perspectives. We deliver innovative programs, creative curriculums and proven methodologies to help students become life - and career - ready. This is our polytechnic advantage - an advantage that is unique in Southern California.

Our Audience

From students to alumni, faculty to staff, benefactors to policy-makers, Cal Poly Pomona has a complex, multi-faceted constituency. But while the audience is diverse, there is a shared perspective and attitude. The common bonds: We believe in preparing students for success and contributing to the common good. We embrace the future and the possibilities it brings. And above all, we want to make a difference.