Undocumented Students Services

DREAMers Ally Training


DREAMers Ally Training educates the campus community about the experiences of undocumented students and how to support the success of undocumented students. Participants can pledge to become an ally after completing the training. Student clubs and student lead organizations may request a training if they meet the minimum number of attendees.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Task Force is to examine issues, programs, and services that support AB-540 and undocumented students including university policies, the admission process, retention and graduation. The Task Force will explore the campus climate to identify potential barriers that impede the academic success of AB-540 and undocumented students. The team will support and advocate for these students and make recommendations regarding university policies. The DREAMer’s Ally Network Task Force is committed to supporting AB-540 and undocumented students in pursuit of their educational goals.

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