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Maximizing Engineering Potential (M.E.P.)

Only open to engineering students, both transfer and freshmen. Incoming students are considered prospective students. The program emails all incoming students - please be on the lookout for their email. For more information, please contact Scott Chang, M.E.P’s Academic Retention Coordinator, at
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Bronco LEAD

Open to all students, regardless of major or grade level. Students interested in the program are encouraged to apply for the program by following the Bronco Lead Curriculum. For more information, contact

Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) and Summer Bridge

EOP is open to first year students regardless of major. Students must apply through the CSU application and fill a series of essential questions prior to joining the program. To find further information about EOP contact EOP admissions at

Summer Bridge is a five-week program that supports EOP elected students to experience student academic life at Cal Poly Pomona. The program emails accepted EOP students about Summer Bridge -- please be on the lookout for their emails.

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Transfer Bridge

Transfer Bridge is part of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), which helps transfer students transition into Cal Poly Pomona. It is open exclusively to transfer students, regardless of major. Students must be admitted into the EOP program, must attend the three-day transition program and must be registered for advising to be part of EOP.

Residency Advisory

The Resident Advisor Position is a leadership position within University Housing. Students looking for a leadership position where they can showcase their skills as leaders are encouraged to participate. Open to scholars with a minimum of 12 units completed at CPP at the time of applying. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.3. For more information about the program, visit the CPP Housing website.

For more information, contact

4 Year Pledge

Open to first year students with an interest and availability to complete their bachelors degree within four years. Additionally, students must have a major at the time of applying majors that require more than four years are not applicable for the program. The program sends invitation emails to students, so be on the lookout.

For more information contact or visit their 4-year pledge link.

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Project SUCCESS is a program open to first-year men of color regardless of major (undeclared students are also accepted). Scholars are required to be full time students (12 units) and maintain a GPA of 2.0 to be able to enroll. Students are also expected to participate in Project SUCCESS events. For more information, contact Rogelio Contreras at
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Undergraduate Research Programs

RIO (Research through Inclusive Opportunities). Students must be first generation, second year students and/or transfer students at the time of applying. For more information, please contact Lauren Bernal at

Our GRAD  

Open to all grade levels (seniors need to meet with an advisor to make accommodations for the program to be considered). For more information, visit the undergraduate research programs website.