Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE)

Research and Scholarship

Cal Poly Pomona Office of Research, Innovation, & Economic Development

The Office of Research, Innovation, & Economic Development supports applications for external contracts and grants, ensures research compliance, and provides support for the Office of Undergraduate Research. The Office of Research, Innovation, & Economic Development also provides oversight of the many University Centers and Institutes, and administers various intramural awards to support research, scholarly and creative activity by faculty and students.

The Cal Poly Pomona Teacher Scholar Model

Teacher Scholars at Cal Poly Pomona are role models who actively promote life-long intentional learning to our students, are actively engaged in advancing their fields of inquiry, and are committed to blending teaching and scholarship into a single synergistic endeavor that results in a creative integration of the two roles.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

SoTL treats teaching and learning in each discipline as worthy subjects for research by the teachers of that discipline. The fundamental process of SoTL is the same as other research: Ask a question, design as robust a study as necessary and possible to answer the question, perform the study and data analysis, and draw conclusions that may lead to further researchable questions.

CSU-Wide Funding Opportunities (pdf)

The CSU system has several grant programs for research and scholarship. See the CSU-Wide Funding Opportunities (pdf) list.