Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE)

Advanced Best Practices

Advanced Best Practices

Quality Matters (QM)

Quality Matters (QM) is a systematic methodology to ensure that online, hybrid, and technology-enhanced face-to-face courses are well designed to support student success.

As part of Cal Poly Pomona's efforts to promote QM, a Blackboard course template was developed. The QM course template features pre-populated content to meet Cal Poly Pomona-specific policies, such as academic integrity, as well as placeholder content to be filled in by the instructor (designated using brackets [ ]). All course content may be changed as needed to fit any teaching style. Designed to meet the QM rubric standards, the Blackboard QM course template provides the foundation for faculty to build a QM-quality course.

To apply the Blackboard QM course template to your own course, please fill out an eLearning request form.

Course Design Academy (CDA)

The CDA offers basic information for faculty to get started in creating an outstanding online, hybrid, or technology-enhanced face-to-face course.