Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence (CAFE)

Interact With Students

Interact with Students

In an emergency, your students will look to you for direction. Make sure you communicate with them frequently.

  • Hold regular remote office hours: Use Zoom, Skype, or your CPP email to hold office hours. Use Blackboard to communicate when your remote office hours will be, and how you will hold those office hours.
  • Make frequent announcements via Blackboard: Blackboard allows students to receive communication via the course dashboard, email, and push notifications through the Blackboard app. See the tutorial Blackboard Help: Announcements.
  • Email regularly if you do not want to make announcements with Blackboard: Use your Cal Poly Pomona email, as it is the official means of campus communication. See Cal Poly Pomona Email Services to access your faculty account. Access your email online via, Cal Poly Pomona Website or To download Microsoft Outlook, go to Information Technology & Institutional Planning: Faculty Resources.
  • You can also use Bronco Direct to email students, although we prefer Blackboard.
  • Best Practices: Students succeed better in an online environment when their instructor stays in close touch. Consider sending more frequent emails, updates, reminders, and announcements than you usually would. Send communications using multiple means such as email and Blackboard announcements. Finally, inform students of how quickly they should expect to receive a response from you. You might set your CPP email automatic reply with your office hours, response time, and any other pertinent course information.