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Labs, Studios, and Activity Courses

Labs, Studios, & Activity Courses


Labs can be a challenge to perform remotely since many require specific equipment and may be hard to reproduce outside of a lab. Resources like the Multimedia Educational Resources for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) can help you get your lab online. Use the following resources to help you deliver your lab online.


Cal Poly is a learn-by-doing campus that has many studio courses. These types of courses can be challenging in situations where you must teach remotely. Consider these tool suggestions and how they can be used in a variety of disciplines.

  • Have your students record their student-generated content (ex: performances, cooking examples, speeches, etc) and upload it to YouTube for review, discussion, and critic with the instructor and the rest of the students. When uploading videos to YouTube mark them as “unlisted” and put the link in your Blackboard course shell. Our Learning Technologies page has tutorials on creating YouTube videos. Disciplines that might be able to use this tool include: Instrumental, Vocal, Performing Arts, Student Generated Content, Cooking.
  • Use Zoom videoconference to record your instructional lectures. Our Learning Technologies page has tutorials on using Zoom. Although Zoom can allow you to lecture “synchronously,” i.e. your students get on Zoom at the same time you do, we recommend using Zoom “asynchronously,” recording your lecture using Zoom’s recording feature. Synchronous Zoom requires a strong internet connection. Examples of disciplines that might be able to use this tool include: Instrumental, Vocal, Performing Arts.
  • Use Adobe Spark to have your students create simple infographics, stories, and animated videos. Have your students use it to create web pages that tell a story using Spark Page, develop compelling video stories using Spark Video, and design infographics using template-based graphics in Spark Post. Students can log in using their CPP bronco ID and select what type of project they need. Examples of disciplines that might be able to use this tool include: Photography, Cooking, and Environmental Design.
  • With Portfolium, students can showcase their collection of projects, work samples, skills, activities, and accomplishments. Students can post course projects and other accomplishments to showcase their learning achievements. Instructors can create Portfolium assignments right within their Blackboard courses. Students can use their Bronco ID to log in.

Activity Courses

Activities can generally be done from anywhere with the right tools. Use the following tools for assignment submission, activities, quizzing, and group projects.