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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We are working with an external company to migrate and convert content from Blackboard to Canvas and ensure that tests, assignments, links, videos, etc., work properly. This has happened for summer courses, and will happen by late June for fall courses.

Yes, you can work in the course shells. When the company pulls content over, it will be placed in a separate but matching course and you can easily pick and choose what to use in your “real” course shell. Work that you have done in your “real” shell will not be lost.

Summer 2021. Canvas will not be available to teach with in Spring 2021 because of the work that first needs to be done to integrate Canvas with campus systems.

Canvas is entirely mobile-friendly and provides an easy-to-use interface for faculty and students. It’s easy to figure out what to do in Canvas.

Canvas has all the features of a typical learning management system including the ability to accept and grade assignments, conduct discussions in forums, administer quizzes and exams, store and organize course resources, communicate with students, etc. Canvas has multiple grading tools including rubrics, audio/video feedback, and a dedicated grading app. Students can access course materials, view course calendars, to-do lists and set their own preferences to receive notifications on mobile devices or laptop/desktops. Canvas has a course calendar that automatically displays assignments and events from all courses in one place. These calendar entries can be synced with other web service calendars such as Outlook. A few tools in Blackboard currently do not have a direct Canvas equivalent, such as Journals or Blogs. Canvas' rich App Center offers many features.

Yes. Your Bronco credentials will be used to log in to Canvas. You sign into Canvas at or via MyCPP.

Yes. Instructors and TA’s can download the Canvas Teacher App for iPhone, iPad or Android devices, while students can download the Canvas iOS Student App for iPhone and iPad or Android Canvas App.

  • Canvas will be available for teaching in Summer 2021.
  • Both Canvas and Blackboard will be available to offer Summer 2021 courses. We encourage faculty to use Canvas for Summer 2021 courses.
  • In Fall 2021, only Canvas will be available to offer courses. However, content will still be retrievable from Blackboard through Spring 2022.

Blackboard will remain available for content retrieval through at least June 2022.  In addition, all system files in Blackboard will be archived. We will retain all data in accordance with Cal Poly Pomona policies, which indicate at least 7 years of retention.

The decision to go to Canvas was based on existing investigations by a preponderance of our fellow CSUs, the California Community College system, and UC colleagues. All institutions in the of the California Community College system, 16 CSUs, 8 UCs, and many K12 school districts currently use Canvas as their official learning management platform. In the process of deciding to migrate, several campuses and some entire systems conducted LMS assessments and comparisons. Ultimately, Canvas’ ease of use, availability of features, accessibility, and continuity in look and feel from course to course made Canvas the choice for most campuses.

Absolutely! We would love the opportunity to engage your department or discipline in the discussion. We can even customize a workshop to meet your needs if there are particular Canvas features you would like to see covered.

Please contact us through our request form, indicating some days and times that would work for your department, and we will get back to you promptly.

• See the Canvas training schedule & resources at
• Email and a member of our campus IT or CAFE team can help you
• Contact Studio 6 at 909-869-3099 M-F 8:00 am -- 7:00 pm (except May 24-28 when hours will be 8:00 am -- 5:00 pm). You can also email

  • FACULTY and STAFF: Please direct questions to Your email will be directed to the appropriate person.
  • STUDENTS: Please direct questions to the IT Service Desk.

Blackboard will be available and fully supported through Summer 2021. Blackboard will remain available and supported only for content retrieval, not for course offerings, after Summer 2021.


Student FAQ

Your Bronco credentials will be used to log in to Canvas. You sign into Canvas at or via MyCPP.

Canvas is set up with your CPP email by default. You can add additional email addresses and sign up for text and/or app notifications. This step-by-step guide will help you set up your preferred notifications and contact methods.

If you are taking Summer 2021 courses, it is possible that you might have to use both Blackboard and Canvas. Contact your Summer 2021 professors to see which system you are using. In Fall 2021, Canvas will be the only system you will need to use.