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We’re listening to the needs of our students and instructors and making the move to Canvas LMS in 2021! Canvas offers a feature-rich, student-centered, and intuitive learning environment.

Canvas will be the LMS for ALL classes beginning in Fall 2021. Blackboard will not be available to use with students, but can still be accessed by faculty, beginning in Fall 2021.

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Canvas is used by more than 3,000 institutions globally, including K-12 schools and universities. The 16 CSU campuses who use Canvas include, among others, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CSU San Diego, and Cal State LA. The eight UC campuses that use Canvas include UC Irvine, UCLA, and UC Berkeley. The entire California Community College system uses Canvas, as do many local high schools whose students come to Cal Poly Pomona.

Using Canvas will result in a smoother transition to the Cal Poly Pomona learning environment for both new and transfer students. In addition, many Cal Poly Pomona faculty teach at multiple CSU’s, and their time and effort in creating excellent courses will be enhanced by being able to easily transfer materials across campuses.

Canvas is regularly praised for its ease of use and intuitive design. Faculty and students have consistently given feedback that they desire a learning management system that is both simple and effective and we believe that Canvas fits these criteria.

 Benefits of Canvas: Students - Familiar platform, ease of mobile use. Faculty and Staff - Intuitive platform with timesaving features, student familiarity. Public - Easier transition for students to CPP, better access to publicly available courses.

What was the decision process?

Many universities including multiple CSU’s have recently (within the past 1-3 years) done extensive research and evaluation into the various LMS’s on the market. See for example San Diego State University’s Canvas Evaluation Report (pdf).

Rather than repeat this effort by doing extensive evaluations that required hundreds of hours of faculty and staff time and effort, Cal Poly Pomona is utilizing existing studies and data to support the decision to move to Canvas.

The Instructional Continuity Committee, composed of representatives from Academic Affairs, Information Technology & Institutional Planning, Administrative Affairs, and faculty, consulted with faculty and student focus groups. Ultimately, Provost Sylvia Alva and CIO John McGuthry made the final decision.