Employer Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in recruiting Cal Poly Pomona students. Handshake is a self-post, self-referred online job bank and event management system provided as a service to students and employers. In today's fast-paced, high-tech environment, this is the best way to ensure that your information reach our over 24,000 students and alumni. This is Cal Poly Pomona's sole method of posting job and internship opportunities. The campus does not permit posting of job announcements outside of Handshake. The Career Center has implemented these guidelines to create a professional environment where students, alumni and employers can interact. Within these guidelines, you will also find Quick Reference Instructions and answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Principles for Professional Practice

All employment professionals using Handshake are required to work within a framework of professionally accepted recruiting, interviewing and selection techniques as stipulated in the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Professional Practice.

Statement of Equal Opportunity

The Career Center serves the entire Cal Poly Pomona student population and alumni. The Career Center will not sponsor nor cooperate with organizations that appear to discriminate or are restrictive against applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, parental status, marital status, age, disability, citizenship or veteran status in matters of admissions, employment, housing or services or in the educational programs or activities it operates. The Career Center and its facilities and services, including Handshake, are available only to those employers whose practices are in agreement with this policy. Employer representatives using the facilities and services, in doing so, affirm the employer does not discriminate.

Third Party Recruiters

Third-party recruiters (employment agencies, contracted consultants, and search firms) must fully disclose their relationship and the nature of the employment opportunity, including specifically naming the hiring employer in all job postings and other recruitment materials.

Private Party Recruitment

Private individuals seeking services such as tutoring, childcare, and gardening may utilize Handshake to advertise such opportunities. When completing the Handshake registration, the company description field must disclose that you are a private party and indicate what type of service you are recruiting for. For example: “Private party seeking in-home tutoring for high school student”. Please note: Once you have completed your registration, you will also have to post your job opportunity. Please see Creating a Job Posting & below.

Reporting Hires

Upon hiring a Cal Poly Pomona student, the employer is requested to provide placement information. To report your hire, simply click on the "Placements/Hires" tab on the top navigation bar of your home page. You will be prompted to enter the following information: Job Title, Start Date, Position Type, Hourly Rate & Hours per Week (all other fields are optional). This information will be held in a confidential manner. Providing this information will allow us to continue to provide Handshake free of charge.

Complaints and Compliance

The Career Center reserves the right to investigate complaints by students about employers or jobs accessed through Handshake. If it is determined that a complaint is justified, Handshake access may be revoked. In such cases, the Career Center will notify the employer via email of the action.

General Job Posting Guidelines

  • A valid job title is required
  • Specific job duties to be performed must be included within the job description
  • A seperate job posting is required for each posting
  • All positions must meet California Minimum Wage standards
  • Handshake may not be used to promote opportunities which require a student to pay a fee to attend training, coursework or receive placement services
  • Handshake may not be used to advertise job banks
  • All job and internship listings are posted at the discretion of the Career Center. The Career Center reserves the right to decline and/or remove postings that conflict with the Student Code of Conduct, or, do not appear to support the best interests of our students and/or the University

Internship Positions

The following information must be included in all internship postings: company profile, work environment, tasks to be performed, benefits to intern (what will be learned or gained by this experience), educational/experience required and hours/days needed. Internship positions must be comprised of duties that will permit students to apply their undergraduate studies and supplement their curriculum. Unpaid international internships and/or those charging an application fee to students will not be approved. Please note: Whether offering a paid or unpaid internship, it will be the company’s responsibility to cover the intern under your workers compensation policy. Additionally, when it comes to offering academic or credited internships, depending upon the major(s) you seek to hire, there may be specific learning objectives or minimum hours required to obtain faculty approval for academic credit. A site visit, as well as participation in a performance evaluation process and/or verification of attendance, etc. may be required. Employers wishing to develop an internship opportunity are encouraged to contact the Career Center (909) 869-2342 or career@cpp.edu

Cooperative (Co-op) Education Positions

All co-op positions must be approved by Cal Poly Pomona’s Cooperative Education Department within the Center for Community Engagement. A co-op student is one who is gaining paid work experience related to his major or career goal. The co-op earns academic credit for the work experience under the guidance of a Cal Poly faculty member. The work period should last at least one quarter on a half-time or full-time basis. Co-ops generally start their first work period sometime between their late sophomore to early senior years. Employers will be required to submit information to the Community Center for Service Learning at least three weeks before the desired start date for a co-op position. A site visit may be required before the job announcement can be posted. The Center for Community Engagement will advertise the position to the appropriate groups at Cal Poly, including underrepresented populations, and will collect the necessary application materials which will be forwarded to the company. To learn more about Cal Poly Pomona’s Cooperative Education Program please visit their website or contact the Center for Community Engagement at 909-869-4269.

Note: It may be possible to post your co-op position as an internship opportunity. To explore this option, please contact the Career Center (909) 869-2342 or career@cpp.edu

Volunteer Postions

Volunteer opportunities may be posted by non-profit organizations only. Those organizations wishing to promote ongoing volunteer opportunities may also contact the Bronco Volunteer office at 909-869-2139.

Creating a Handshake Account

A company profile or description (what the business is, i.e.”Leading manufacturer of gas/liquid analyzers and sensors”) will be required to establish a Handshake account. In addition, the full first and last name, as well as, the email address of the company representative who will be posting the positions is required. (This information may be concealed from students.) To post your job and internship opportunities for free on Handshake:

Login to Handshake (You may want to bookmark this site for future use)
Click on Register
Once approved a system generated email will be sent to you.

Creating a Company Profile

The Career Center strongly encourages employers to complete a Company Profile. In addition to a company overview, vital information such as key statistics, history, mission statement, social network connections, and visual resources may be made available to students to review.

Creating a New Job Posting

To post a new job opportunity to an existing account:

  1. Once logged in to your account, simply click on "Create Job Posting" and complete the required information regarding your job posting, being sure to click "Submit" when done
  2. Your job posting will be added to the queue for review and approval. Should any clarification be needed, the representative posting the job will be emailed. For this reason, it is essential that your account information be up to date.
  3. Upon hiring a student, click on the "Placements/Hires" tab to report your hire. Doing so will allow us to continue to provide Handshake free of charge.

Extending a Job Application Deadline

Login to your Handshake account:

  1. From your Home Page, click on the “Jobs” tab on your top navigation bar
  2. Click on the job title of the job posting you would like to re-post
  3. Once you have updated the posting and expiration dates, select “Submit”

Editing Existing Job Postings

To make edits to your Handshake job posting:

  1. Click on the “Jobs” tab on the top navigation bar
  2. Click on the underlined job title of the posting you would like to edit
  3. Once you have made the needed edits, click on “Submit” at the bottom of the posting

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will students be able to view my job posting?
Once submitted, the job posting will remain in pending status until reviewed by Career Center staff. While it is our goal to approve jobs within one business day, due to staff schedules, campus closures and Career Center events, it may take up to three days for a posting to be approved. All jobs are approved in the order in which they are received. Career Center staff will not approve postings out of order to accommodate "urgent" needs.

How do I know what jobs have been approved?
If a job posting is approved, there will be a green checkmark in the “Approved” column on your “Job Postings” page. A system generated email will also be sent to the email address provided for the contact posting the position.

What options do I have for receiving resumes from students?
When adding a job posting, you may choose to receive resumes via email by checking the “Email” option in the “Resume Submission” section of the job posting form. If you choose this option, the page will refresh and create a new field that allows you to input a default email address for all resume submissions. To view resumes online, select the “Online” option. When selecting this option, it will be necessary for you to login to your Handshake account to determine if you have applicants. You may also direct students to fax their resume or post their resume to your company website by selecting the “Other” option. If you choose this option, the page will refresh and create a new field that allows you to input specific instructions.

If I choose to receive resumes online, where may I view student resumes?
To view student resumes online, click on the “Student Resumes” tab. To view a specific resume, click on the candidate’s name.

I’ve forgotten my password can you tell me what it is?
Career Center staff are unable to view employer passwords; we can reset the password, however, you also have the ability to do this. To re-set your password, click on “Forgot Password” on the Handshake login page. After entering your username, a new system-generated password will be emailed to you.

May I change my system-generated password?
To change your password, click on the “Account” tab on your top navigation bar, then click on the “Passwords/Preferences” tab to enter the password of your choice.

I do not wish students to view my contact information, is it possible to conceal it?
Yes. To conceal your contact information, click on the “Account” tab on your top navigation bar. At the bottom of the “Personal Profile” page select “Hide Contact Information from Student”.

My email address/last name have changed, how do I update my information?
To update personal information, click on the “Account” tab on your top navigation bar and make necessary changes on the “Personal Profile” page.

Our company name has changed, how do I update our information?
To update your company name, please contact the Career Center at 909-869-2342.

Our company address/phone number has changed, how do I update our information?
To update company information, click on the “Profile” tab on your top navigation bar and make necessary changes on the “Who We Are” page.

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