Interviewing Policies

Please note that employer participation in Cal Poly Pomona's career services programs is a privilege not a right, and Cal Poly Pomona reserves the right to exercise its discretion to determine which employers may participate or to withdraw an offer to participate at any time.

Job Offer Policy

To avoid misunderstandings, please notify a student in writing of the major components of a job offer. We ask that recruiters not pursue students who have already accepted job offers from another firm, as this behavior can damage relationships with students, other recruiters, and the Career Center. Withdrawing job offers, whether verbal or written, violates professional standards and may put students in a difficult position. If your firm is considering retracting an offer for whatever reason, please call our office immediately to discuss the situation.

Employers who participate in any of the CDC's recruiting programs are required to work within guidelines established by the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE).

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Career Center makes its services available to employers who do not unlawfully discriminate in the selection of employees on the basis of national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. Any employer who makes use of the University facilities or services must agree to abide by this policy and, if interviewing students, to act in good faith with students meeting the employer's legitimate specifications who have signed up for an interview.

Cancelled Interviews

Any cancellation of recruiting dates requires the employer to immediately notify the Employment Services staff. Notification of cancellation must be received, at a minimum by 5:00 PM PST, 30 days prior to the scheduled interview date. All cancellations must be emailed to Gerard Russo the Recruiting Coordinator at

A $100.00 fee will be assessed for cancellations that take place less than 30 days prior to the event date. If students have already signed up on the schedule, the employer will be required to send or email a letter to each of the scheduled students to inform them of the cancellation. The letter should offer an apology for the inconvenience, an explanation for the cancellation, and information about what will happen next (i.e., whether their resumes will be reviewed, if a follow-up interview or phone screen will take place, when the students will be contacted). A copy of this letter MUST be provided to the Cal Poly Pomona Recruiting Coordinator.

Testing Policy

The Career Center facilities are to be used by employers solely for the purpose of interviewing students currently enrolled at Cal Poly Pomona. Employers may make arrangements for testing facilities at nearby hotels.

Employers that do decide to conduct tests at nearby hotels are required to follow the guidelines set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Per their guidelines, those engaged in administering, evaluating, and interpreting assessment tools, tests, and technology used in the testing process must be trained and qualified to do so. Please advise the Career Center of any test conducted. Employment professionals must also advise students in a timely fashion of the type and purpose of any test that students will be required to take as part of the recruitment process and to whom the test results will be disclosed.

It is a requirement that the testing information be posted within the context of the job description so that students are informed at the beginning of the recruitment process.

Greeters, Recruiting Coordinators, & Two-on-One Interviews

Some employers prefer to bring two recruiters for each recruiting room they reserve. If this is your interview style, please advise the Career Center in advance of scheduling rooms for logistical purposes. This should be indicated on your interview room request form, when you register online for recruiting dates. Likewise, Cal Poly Pomona requires that employers inform students of this recruiting strategy within the context of the job description that is posted online. Since this may be the first formal interview a student has ever had, this will help to prepare them, inevitably benefiting the employer as well.

Modifying Interview Schedules

When requesting schedule changes, it is the responsibility of the employer to contact the students.

Adding Students to a Schedule

Employers who wish to add students to the interview schedule must direct the students to sign up online through the BroncoConnection. Often an employer is contacted by a student who would like to get onto the employer's interview schedule. A common first reaction would be to simply look at the schedule, find an empty interview time, and note to yourself that you will be interviewing that student at that time. However, since the schedule is maintained online, other students will still see that same empty interview slot and sign up for it, regardless of any verbal agreement made.

If you have a Preselect schedule and the timeframe allows the student to submit their resume, you can direct them to submit online. If the student has missed the deadline, contact the Gerard Russo the Recruiting Coordinator at or 909-869-2336. We are happy to look at your interviews and best advise you on the easiest way to get a student onto your schedule.

Adding to Schedules at Career Fairs

Employers may request a copy of their recruiting schedule on the day of a Career Fair so they are able to add students if there is available space. Please be advised that ONLY students who are currently enrolled at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and graduates of this institution are able to interview and they must be registered in BroncoConnection with their resume uploaded. The Career Center does not serve students from other institutions or the general public in the On-Campus Interviewing Program.

Removing Students from a Schedule

Employers who feel that a student on their schedule does not meet the required qualifications should contact Gerard Russo the Recruiting Coordinator at or 909-869-2336 prior to talking to the student. Students who obtain an interview during the open sign-up period are not to be removed from schedules. The Coordinator will be able to determine why the student was able to sign up for an interview, and provide you with advice on how to avoid this situation in the future. Please do not remove a student from an interview schedule without first discussing the situation with the Career Center.

Alcohol Policy

Serving alcohol should not be part of the recruitment process. This includes information sessions, presentations conducted both on- or off-campus, and company-sponsored events during the recruiting process.

Selection by GPA and Standardized Test Scores

Employers using Cal Poly Pomona's Recruiting or Career Center services are not allowed to use GPA or standardized test scores (i.e. SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE) as a screening tool for students trying to obtain a first-round interview with the company. A minimum grade point average and/or test scores should not be a prerequisite to getting an interview because it often overlooks many other qualities and factors that create an excellent candidate. Thus, employers cannot mention a GPA or test score minimum in their job descriptions via our job listing service, On-Campus Recruiting, career fairs, or any other services our Career Center has to offer. If either are listed as a requirement or in the job description, the section will be edited out prior to approval for posting. If an employer requests students to submit unofficial transcripts with a resume, students have the option of editing out the GPA information.

Company Literature

Due to space constraints and increasing technologies, the Career Center no longer maintains a library of employer literature, either printed literature or videotapes. We encourage students to visit company web sites and refer to business directories and current news. With BroncoConnection, you can include links to your company's website, online listings, and application materials in your job listing. One poster or flyer may be put on our bulletin board.

If you would like to distribute flyers on campus, please contact the Office of Student Life at 909-869-2841 in order to comply with campus guidelines. Posting on campus is the responsibility of the employer.

Third-Party Representatives

Campus interviews must be directly scheduled and conducted by the organization's employees, rather than by third party representatives. For a definition of a third party representative or recruiter, please see the guidelines set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).