Hire A Student

This page is your one-stop location for information on student employment, including procedures, rules, and forms you will need to complete as a on-campus employer.

Hiring Process

First-time job postings require a position number (a funding source number from Budget Services). Repeat job postings have position number(s) that you may use again. Check with Budget Services to verify the number is correct and valid for both Academic and Summer quarters.

Faculty and staff can post on-campus student job opportunities through Handshake, our online career management resource.  Job opportunities must be posted for a minimum 3 days to meet EEO requirements.  Once the candidate or candidates have been selected please contact the career center at 909 869 2330 or email studentjobs@cpp.edu to receive the correct electronically signed student hiring form.  If you are hiring multiple students for the same job you may print copies of the electronically signed form. 

Students are required to complete a Student Employment Application and submit through Handshake.  A resume is also highly encouraged as part of the student employment process.

Once a candidate(s) is/are chosen and the student meets the criteria for employment, the student agreement form and background check (if necessary) must be completed PRIOR to the student beginning to work in position. Human Resources requires original signatures of student, supervisor, and HEERA manager. The career center will send you an electronically signed student agreeement form.


The CSU Chancellors Office has revised background checks for student staff.

Background checks that are currently "required by law" will need to be run for student staff.

Positions in which background checks are currently required by law include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sworn CSU Police Personnel
  • Police Office Cadets
  • Police Dispatchers
  • Positions with direct contact with minor children at a camp operated by the CSU
  • Positions with access to patients, drugs or medication, controlled or hazardous substances
  • Positions with access to stored criminal offender record informaiton
  • Students who have access Level 1 data.


If the position you are hiring for falls within the requirements, send an email to the Career Center studentjobs@cpp.edu. In the subject line please put “student background check”

Please provide the Handshake ID number & title of the position

  • Student first and last name
  • Student email address

When the Career Center receives the email from the hiring manager, we will notify the hiring manager that the request for the background check has been emailed to the student(s).  Students will have 3 business days to submit their information which will initiate the background check process.

The process can take up to 15 days for the results

When the results are in, the hiring manager will be notified via email from the Career Center that the student is or is not cleared for hiring.

The student will take the completed form to Human Resources for processing, unless a bacground check box is in the upper right of the form.  If the form has a background check box, the student will take the form to the Career Center for an approved stamp. Upon receiving the stamp the student will take the stamped form to Human Resources for processing. The student will then bring YOU, the employer, a hiring slip from HR once the paperwork process has been completed. Upon receiving the hiring slip, the student may then begin working in your department.

Criteria for Student's Employment Eligibility

To be employed on-campus, a student must have a minimum 2.0 GPA (both Cal Poly Pomona and overall GPA) and be currently enrolled for at least 6 units (undergraduate) or 4 units (graduate) The student must be of legal status to work in California. Employers hiring the student must verify that the requirements are met at the time of hire, and at the beginning of each subsequent semester that the student works.

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