Student Background Check

Background Check Process

  • A background check will be initiated within 24 hours after emailing your Student Employment Authorization form to
  • The student and department will be notified via email, that a background check has been initiated
  • The student will receive a separate email from ACCURATE that will require action and the submission of documents
  • Once the background check is complete, the department and student will be notified via email


Does my student need a background check?

The CSU Chancellors Office has revised background checks for student staff. Background checks that are currently "required by law" will need to be run for student staff.

Positions in which background checks are currently required by law include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sworn CSU Police Personnel
  • Police Office Cadets
  • Police Dispatchers
  • Positions with direct contact with minor children at a camp operated by the CSU
  • Positions with access to patients, drugs or medication, controlled or hazardous substances
  • Positions with access to stored criminal offender record information
  • Students who have access Level 1 data.

Background checks expire after one academic year. If the student is employed for more than one year, a new background check will need to be initiated to continue employment.