Hire a Student

How Do I Hire a Student?

Select the hire process from the list below.

AY 2020-2021 SA and ISA 

AY 2020-2021 Background Check SA and ISA

AY 2020-2021 Work Study

*SA=Student Assistant

*ISA=Instructional Student Assistant


Student Hire Classifications

Student Assistant: Your standard SA includes job titles such as Administrative, Peers, Technical Assistants, etc. For a full list of job titles, visit the Payroll Services website

Instructional Student Assistant: ISA’s provide grading, tutoring or instruction to the other CSU students for 50%or more of their work time. ISAs are part of a Collective Bargaining Unit, represented by the UAW (Unit 11). The terms and conditions of the appointment are covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the CSU and the UAW.

Background Check Student Assistant: To determine whether your student employment position requires a background check, please reference the information on this page: https://www.cpp.edu/career/faculty/student_background_check.shtml

Work Study Student Assistant: If you would like to hire a work study student, contact the Financial Aid Office for more information on funding and approval before posting your job on Handshake. If approved, you will need to follow the work study hiring process. Please note that work study eligible students will be able to view work study jobs on Handshake. Non work study students cannot view work study jobs on Handshake.


Important Dates

Summer 2020 Hires Timeline: 6/1/2020 – 8/31/2020

AY 2020-2021 Re-Hire Timeline: 9/1/2020 – 5/31/2021

AY 2020-2021 New Hires Timeline: 8/10/2020 -5/31/2021


Who manages the student employment process?

The student employment process begins at the Career Center, but it is facilitated by various departments. Please reference your main point of contacts below:

Career Center

Role: Handshake and background checks

Contact: studenthires@cpp.edu


Human Resources Services Customer Service Center (HRSCSC)

Role: Student on-boarding and I-9

Contact: hrscsc@cpp.edu


Financial Aid Office

Role: Federal Work Study

Contact: Lupe Linares, glinares@cpp.edu


Payroll Services

Role: Student hire forms, payroll, time reports, Tableau eligibility

Contact: Susana Gonzalez, sgonzalez1@cpp.edu


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