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Career Center

Preparing Cal Poly Pomona Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow

The Career and Professional Development process provides students with early and on-going opportunities to engage with alumni, the community and industry leaders. Learn more about how Cal Poly Pomona can help you prepare for the jobs of tomorrow.


The Career Development Process 

Whether you have no idea what you want to do after graduation or you know exactly what you want to do, we are here to support you in your journey.  Select your stage in the Career Development Process to find the programs and resources to help you reach your goals:


select your stage

Select your Stage in the Process

Start with where YOU are in the process to find the programs and resources that will propel you into career readiness.


Start with Exploration to:

Explore who you are and what you want. Learn about various career paths and how they align with your interests, strengths, values, and capabilities

During this Stage:

  • Complete CliftonStrengths prior to orientation to discover and begin to explore strengths.   
  • Gain clarity about personality, career interests, and strengths by taking a career assessment.  
  • Visit What Can I Do with This Major? to understand how choice of major will affect job search.  
  • Review Cal Poly Pomona Career Guide to familiarize yourself with resources needed to begin career planning and job search.     
  • Get acquainted with the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (8) career readiness competencies which represent the skills, experiences and attributes that employers look for when recruiting.   
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and connect with an alumnus in desired professional field.   
  • Log in to Handshake to complete your profile, select career interest areas, and view upcoming events and internship opportunities.   
  • Attend Career Center alumni industry spotlights or A Day in the Life Series with industry alumni.   
  • Bookmark the Career Center website to stay updated on workshops, fairs, programs, internships and job opportunities.  

Move to Career Engagement when:

You have become more aware of your values, abilities, and interests and how they can become the basis for the type of careers you might want to pursue. You have spent time reflecting on what you have learned and are ready to engage your career development plan.


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Start with Engagement to:

Gain first-hand insights of careers by engaging with people who work in fields that interest you and participate in experiences and opportunities (such as internships, volunteering, on-campus opportunities and more) to build the skills and strengths needed to attain desired career goals.   

During this Stage:

  • Revisit your professional documents (i.e., resumes, cover letters) and customize them for positions of interest.  
  • Develop an effective commercial/pitch.  
  • Use Big Interview to record your own mock interviews and strengthen your interviewing skills.  
  • Connect with alumni, industry, and community leaders through the Bronco Mentoring Platform, LinkedIn, networking events, or Job Shadowing.  
  • Attend recruiting events to learn about opportunities at companies and make connections that can lead to an interview, including career fairs, networking events, and employer information sessions.  
  • Login to Handshake to monitor On-Campus Recruiting activities, such as employer information sessions, companies conducting interviews on campus, and preparation workshops  
  • Search and apply for experiences related to potential career paths including internships, cooperative education, research, community engaged learning, volunteering, etc.  
  • Attend the Graduate and Professional School Fair to receive information about admission requirements, summer programs and fellowship opportunities. 

Move to Career Attainment when:

You have built upon your experiences, expanded your skills, expanded your professional network, and are positioned to apply to a full-time job or graduate program.  


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Start with Attainment to:

Actively seek job, graduate and professional school opportunities and secure your desired job or educational opportunity.   

During this Stage:

  • Reflect on your experiences so far. Is there anything you would want to do differently? 
  • Finalize your strategy and timeline for your job search.   
  • Check-in with your career coach to talk more in-depth about your career development plan and post-graduation goals.  
  • Participate in on-campus recruiting & career fairs and actively meet with organizations or employers that have internships and job opportunities. Meet with new employers of interest and revisit employers you connected with in the past.   
  • Actively build and maintain your academic and professional relationships. Connect with your career coach, academic advisor and faculty members.  Connect with your other career stakeholders including past managers, instructors, student organization advisors, and other professional connections.  
  • Request letters of recommendations as needed.   
  • Search and apply for full-time jobs.  Utilize multiple options including Handshake, job board websites, LinkedIn, recruiting events, networking opportunities, and asking professional connections.  
  • Meet with your career coach to practice negotiating your salary and strategize on how to successfully evaluate competing offers.  
  • Use your network for advice on the job search.   
  • Research international employment opportunities utilizing GoinGlobal.  
  • If you choose to pursue graduate education, complete all applications before the designated due dates.  
  • Join the Cal Poly Pomona LinkedIn alumni association to connect with Broncos working at companies and/or in fields of interests.    
  • Celebrate and reflect on your accomplishments and what’s to come! 

Move to Career Advancement when:

You have landed a job, internship, or been accepted to a graduate program. Continue to build and maintain a rewarding career path by continuously demonstrating professionalism and growing your network.


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Start with Advancement to:

Use your strengths, skill sets, experiences and professional networks to grow and progress in your chosen field or professional engagement.

During this Stage:

  • Join the Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Network and make lasting connections with your fellow Broncos and make meaningful connections on campus.   
  • Reflect on what a long-term successful career looks like for you.   
  • Make the most of your full-time job by building your professional network and continuously demonstrating professionalism.   
  • Utilize skills learned during your student experiences and apply them to the workforce.   
  • Visit the Career Center if you need assistance with career plan.    
  • Check out the diverse array of continuing education and certificate programs that enhance your career skill set offered by The College of Professional and Global Education.   
  • Further your education by exploring Master's Degrees, offered by the College of Professional and Global Education, designed for working professionals.   
  • Continue to prioritize career development.  


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