Dr. Magdy Farag

Dr. Magdy Farag

  • Email: mfarag@cpp.edu
  • Department: Accounting Dept.
  • Title: Professor and Chair
  • Phone: (909) 869-2369
  • Fax: (909) 869-4511
  • Location: 164-2064A
  • Education & Certification:
    • PhD, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
    • MBA, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Egypt
    • BS, in Accounting, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt
  • Teaching Interest:
    • Auditing 
    • Accounting Ethics
  • Professional Experiences
  • Recent Publications
    • “Auditing an acquisition: A case study.” Journal of Business Cases and Applications 27, 2020.
    • F. Kang. “Auditing standard deficiencies identified in PCAOB inspection reports.” New Accountant -

      782, 2019, pp. 4, 20, 22.

    • "The impact of accelerated filing requirements on meeting audit report deadlines", Accounting Research Journal, Vol. 30 (1), 2017.

    • R. Elias “The relationship between accounting students’ personality, professional skepticism and anticipatory socialization.” Accounting Education 25 (1) 2016, pp. 1-15.
    • R. Elias “The relationship between professional skepticism and whistleblowing: Evidence of a retaliation effect.” Franklin Business & Law Journal (3), 2015, pp. 1-28.
    • Fei Kang, Robert Hurt, and Cheryl Wyrick. “The association between PCAOB-identified audit deficiencies and small audit firms’ characteristics: Evidence from PCAOB inspection reports”, Managerial Auditing Journal, Volumn 29, Issue 8, 2014.
    • “Games, gadgets, and other goods’ discount coupon: An ethics case,” Journal of Business Cases and Applications 10, 2013.
    • “The impact of accounting students’ professional skepticism on their ethical perception of earnings management,” Research on Professional Responsibility and Ethics in Accounting 16, 2012.
    • “Public accounting firms' mix of service revenue and average productivity: Evidence using revenue per partner,” Managerial Auditing Journal 27 (8), 2012.
    • R. Elias. “An investigation of accounting students’ general distrust of corporations,” International Journal of Business, Accounting, and Finance 6 (1), 2012.
    • R. Elias. “Relative audit fees and client loyalty in the audit market,” Accounting Research Journal 24 (1), 2011.
    • R. Elias. “The impact of accounting students’ type A personality and cheating opportunity on their ethical perception,” Journal of the Academy of Business Education 12, Fall 2011.


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