Senior Project

Learning about technology in a classroom is safe. The real test of learning is students' ability to apply their knowledge in the unpredictable world of changing requirements, technological problems and deadlines. For this reason, Senior Project is a longstanding tradition for the CIS Department. It is the capstone course in which students demonstrate their ability to apply what they've learned in a team setting.

Becoming a client for a Senior Project

If you have an interest in becoming a Senior Project client, contact Dr. Drew Hwang at or (909) 869-5289.  You will need to submit a short description to the professor for the course that term and you may need to come to campus to pitch your project to the class.

Senior Project Final Presentations

Why CIS does a rigorous Senior Project

  • Working with a real client - Working with technology requires graduates to work with people, not only machines.   A hands-on, senior project with a real client gives students a chance to develop their communication, leadership and teamwork skills.
  • Project Management -While course assignments have deadlines, Senior Projects have life cycles, tracked hours and burn down charts.  Teams are accountable for their hours, milestones, documentation and presentation of results.  Teams develop the plan to meet the project deliverables with a client.  The teams track and report progress throughout the term. 
  • Teamwork - Senior project builds teams where every person is valued and contributes.  Students come to teams with different skill sets and they are called upon to use those skills and learn new ones. 
  • Communication - To succeed in a technology project, a great deal of communication is required.  Students have worked on these skills during the CIS program.  Senior project gives them a chance to put their communication skills to work.
  • Satisfaction in a job well done.
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