Ekaterina Chernobai

Ekaterina ChernobaiName: Ekaterina Chernobai

Office location: 164-2051

Phone number: (909) 869-2394

Email: echernobai@cpp.edu


• Ph.D. Economics: UC Santa Barbara

• B.A. Economics: Sophia University, Tokyo

Courses taught:

Undergraduate and graduate courses in Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Fundamentals of Real Estate, Real Estate Market Analysis and Real Estate Investment Analysis.

Most recent publications:

  • “Liquidity Imbalance in Residential Housing in Rising and Declining Markets”, forthcoming in Journal of Housing Research, co-authored with Tarique Hossain (IBM Dept.).

  • “Determinants of House Buyers’ Expected Holding Periods in Boom and Bust Markets in California”, International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, vol.10, issue 2, pp. 256-281, co-authored with Tarique Hossain (IBM Dept.).

  • “Is Selection Bias Inherent in Housing Transactions? An Equilibrium Approach,” Real Estate Economics,  2013, vol. 41, issue 4, pp. 887-924, co-authored with Anna Chernobai.

  • “House Search Duration in Hot and Cold Residential Markets,” Real Estate Economics, 2012, Vol. 40, Issue 4, pp. 809-841, co-authored with Tarique Hossain (IBM Dept.).

  • “Nonlinear Spatial and Temporal Effects of Highway Construction on House Prices,” Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 2011, Vol. 42, Issue 3, pp. 348-370, co-authored with Michael Reibel, Michael Carney. 

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